NRC grants Limerick reactors license renewal

By Lucas W Hixson

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission has determined to renew the operating licenses for the Unit 1 and Unit 2 reactors at the Limerick Generating Station in Pennsylvania, for 20 additional years of operation. In September, the NRC published its report which concluded that the potential environmental impacts of operation wouldn’t preclude license renewal.

The Unit 1 reactor license will expire on October 26th, 2044, and June 22, 2049 for Unit 2. Construction began on the Limerick reactors on a 600-acre site in 1974, and they began operations in 1984 (Unit 1) and 1986 (Unit 2).

Currently, 75 nuclear reactors have received license renewals from the NRC.

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Major turbine problem at Koondankulam nuclear plant

By Nuclear Resource A major problem in the first atomic power unit’s turbine at Kudankulam has caused uncertainty on its early commissioning. “The turbine of the first unit has developed some problem. It seems some component inside the turbine turned loose and damaged the turbine blades,” the source told IANS preferring anonymity Monday.

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Koodankulam: KKNPP Must Tell the Whole Truth and the Director Must Go

By Nuclear Resource The turbine of the first unit at the KKNPP is said to have developed some major problem. Although the first unit attained criticality in July 2013, it has not begun commercial operation yet even after 15 months of its erratic functioning. Even before starting its commercial operations “the world class third generation plant” is on the blink. It is ironic that the Department of Atomic Energy, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, KKNPP and scores of pro-government scientists have been issuing “the best and the safest” certification to this project for the past three years.

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