TEPCO: August water leak far more toxic than first annouced

via Japan Times / April 12, 2014 / Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Friday that toxic water found to have leaked last August at one of the huge tanks at the accident-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was far more contaminated than initially announced. After recalculating the radiation level, Tepco said the water contained 280 million becquerels per liter of beta ray-emitting radioactive materials such as strontium-90, instead of …

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Worker Death At Fukushima Daiichi Completely Preventable

TEPCO released an interim report into the recent construction worker’s death at the plant. The report showed that the worker had been working in a small cave like area while jackhammering concrete overhead. This was under the overhang of the building foundation. This scenario would have been considered inappropriate under the worker safety rules in most developed countries.
The hole dug for access to this area of the foundation was held back with plywood and steel conduit poles. A steel excavation wall set is the norm most places. It appeared there also was no soil bracing under the building where the worker was conducting the work.
Former Fukushima Daiichi workers Happy & Sunny both expressed frustration with the long time it took between the incident and getting the worker to the emergency room of the nearest hospital in Iwaki. There is still only ground based ambulance service to the plant. This can …

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Japan Gives Residents All Clear To Return To Fukushima Disaster "Hot Zone" | Zero Hedge

As we reported last night, Japan’s economy may once again be relapsing into a slowing phase, perversely well in advance of the dreaded sales-tax hike which many expect will catalyze Japan’s collapse into another recession as happened the last time Japan had a tax hike, but that doesn’t mean its population should be prevented from enjoying the heavily energized local atmosphere buzzing with the hope and promise of imminent paper-based “wealth effects” for those long the daily penNikkeistock rollercoaster…. and just as buzzing with copious gamma rays of course. Which is why for the first time in over three years, since Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, residents of a small district 20 km from the wrecked plant are about to be allowed to return home. Because if the honest Japanese government says it is safe, then so it must be.

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DOE To Do WIPP Mine Reentry On April Fools Day

DOE is planning the first reentry into the mine for April 1st.
“Tomorrow, personnel are scheduled to enter the WIPP underground to survey conditions for the first time since the February 14 radiological release. A team of eight radiological control, mine operations, and mine rescue experts will descend into the mine through the Salt Shaft to establish a safe base of operations and conduct radiation surveys to check for airborne contamination. If no contamination is detected, a second team of eight members will enter the underground to check conditions between the Salt Hoist and the Air Intake Shaft.
Multiple mine entries are necessary before the team accesses the waste disposal area where a continuous air monitor detected airborne contamination. Once they reach that point, the team will locate and isolate the source of the contamination.”

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3.11 Third Anniversary of Fukushima Nuclear Accident, Events and Actions Worldwide

3-11 Laguna BeachThank all members who selflessly organized 3/11 awareness events around the world and for all the time and attention you invested to make those events outstanding and inspiring.

We are so proud to know you and be a part of this global family. ♥

Report-backs on many events showing up now at http://fukushimathirdanniversaryevents.blogspot.com.

No news isn't good news for residents near WIPP site

Aerial of the WIPP site in New Mexico. Photo from Nukewatch.

Aerial of the WIPP site in New Mexico. Photo from Nukewatch.

by Michael Mariotte

The Department of Energy doesn’t seem to be reassuring many people that it has everything under control following the radioactive leak at its Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) three weeks ago.

The DOE plans to send a team of specialists into the plant next week to take new radiation measurements inside the site and to try to figure out what actually happened that caused the leak.

But at a meeting last night near the WIPP site in Carlsbad, New Mexico, both local residents and officials expressed frustration with DOE and its either inability or reluctance to provide concrete information about what happened and what comes next.

“Nobody knows what the plans look like. Nobody knows what the agenda looks like. We just hear a lot of surmises about what might happen and what might not happen,” John Heaton, a former state representative and head of Mayor Dale Janway’s nuclear task force, told a panel of officials at the town hall.

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New Information On WIPP From Public Meeting

New Mexico Nuclear Leak, Reuters /Alex Domanski

A joint public meeting was held in Carlsbad NM today for the public to ask questions about the incident at WIPP. The meeting video is archived here.

  • DOE cited a release level at the meeting but did not specify if it was for just the underground area, both areas or just the above ground area.
  • DOE says 84 microcuries were released during the event. This converts to 3.108 MBq (megabecquerels) by a direct conversion using Wolfram Alpha.

There were extensive conversations at the meeting, attempting to explain the lengthy process undertaken to read monitoring post filters to determine isotope identification. While this is work that needs to be done to further confirm the nature of the release it is not the only available measure of said release. The fact that DOE gave the 84 microcuries release estimate shows why the excuse that they are unable to give the public any further data for at …

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