Westinghouse, a leading nuclear reactor manufacturer has filed bankruptcy in U.S. dealing a blow to the nuclear power industry. Newsclick spoke to Prabir Purkayastha, on the impacts this will have globally and in India. The filing ends the takeover of Westinghouse by Toshiba, one of a handful of nuclear contractors left worldwide. It will also have an impact on India, as Westinghouse was a part of the Indo-US nuclear deal.

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The Japanese government is set to lift evacuation orders in heavily contaminated areas around Fukushima. It will cut compensation and housing support to survivors, who are still struggling six years later.

Their basic rights to health, housing, and environment are being violated. The government is desperately trying to minimize the disaster at the expense of survivors in an attempt to revive the dying nuclear industry and suffocate other cleaner energy sources. We must say no!

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The largest nuclear power plant in Europe is just two hundred kilometres from the frontlines of the Russian war against Ukraine. This same plant is operating dangerously close to the end of its designed lifespan, but the Ukrainian government is pushing to keep it alive, without informing the public.

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Last week we banned nuclear weapons. It still feels a bit surreal to think that we pulled it off.

But what does it all mean? Treaties and international law is sometimes a complex issue, and we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what the treaty does and how it will work. So we thought we collect the most common questions we get.

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As we gather in our celebration of this extraordinary achievement, let us pause for a moment to feel the witness of those who perished in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Both at that time in August of 1945, and over these 72 years, 100,000 of people, each person who died had a name. Each person was loved by someone.

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