Without effectual resistance, Bangladesh is poised to join the ranks of 31 other nuclear nations of the world with the construction of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. The Government of Bangladesh asks that people be proud of this fact. Yafes Osman, minister of science and technology has stated that this is a historical moment for Bangladesh. Whatever support the government has thus far garnered in favour of this project has happened through capitalising on the development rhetoric.

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When he was 11, my stepson taught me one of the most valuable Life-lessons I’ve learned when he said, “You know Dave, man isn’t a “rational” animal. He’s a “rationalizing” one!” Truer words have never been spoken when examining the nonsense rationalizations being paraded around by execs of unprofitable electric utilities and their governmental […] …read moreRead More

Kumar Sundaram | Last month, it was reported that the government plans to cut nuclear capacity addition by two-thirds. These reports quoted a statement by Jitendra Singh, the State Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, which directly presides over the country’s Department of Atomic Energy(DAE). Most journalists and analysts highlighted a scaling down from the earlier announced projection of India generating 63,000MW by the year 2030 to 22,480MW in the same period, or roughly two-thirds.

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