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Criminal Record Check Vs Background Check – Which Is Better

People are habitually perplexed regarding the difference between a criminal background check and a background check and fairly so. There is only a little difference between them because regular criminal background checks and background checks both include details about criminal history. You can trust at the online background check to learn about the criminal record of the employees. Learning about the criminal history is essential for the people. The checking of the details is essential for the people to have the desired results. 

Background check

A background check is nothing, but a search of publicly accessible online records, such as sex offender registries, court records, and other, illegal resources, cross-checking only by the name of a person. These publicly accessible online records may contain information for more than one individual with the identical name or may be obsolete. If you boast a question regarding information incorporated into a background check details, you have to get in touch with the private corporation directly.

A background check is not identical to a criminal record check. When you seek an apartment or apply for a job, you may be told, the landlord or the company will carry out a background check. If you would like to be an approved professional or a foster parent, then you have to get a background check.

Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check is a search of confidential police force databases, cross-checking by the name, social security number, date of birth, and other exact identifiers, as well as fingerprints of a person. The wide cross-checking guarantees that the outcome relates only to that individual even if the individual has exploited numerous names or there are other people with the identical name.

What is the difference?

However, a criminal background check may be more systematic in some cases because they are particularly leaning towards databases of criminal records. If you are particularly concerned regarding the criminal records of a person, it may be a good initiative to carry out a criminal background check.

If you would like to know a general overview of the background of a person, as well as information on divorce, marriages, bankruptcies and analogous topics, a normal background check will probably offer all the information you require.

Nearly all criminal record checks will comprise a the name, recognized aliases, depiction, as well as tattoos and other discovering marks, convictions, arrests and prison period of a person. Some checks may even comprise information about outstanding warrants. This information generally comes from police records, court records and other analogous resources. Some of the systematic criminal record checks may also comprise any accessible information, regarding international arrests and warrants.

Background checks are regularly requested by employers or companies on job applicants for service screening, particularly about applicants looking for a position that needs high protection or a position of faith, such as in a hospital, school, financial organization, airfield, and government. These checks are usually managed by a government organization for a nominal charge, but can as well, be managed by private businesses. Carrying out background checks can be costly, according to the requested information. Outcomes of a background check usually comprise previous employment confirmation, criminal history and credit history.


It is significant to note that a few states stop criminal background checks from revealing certain particulars regarding criminal records. For example, California permits criminal records to demonstrate convictions only, and not arrests. Policies of other states may vary, so seek to discover what you can anticipate deriving from the state you are carrying out your check and the state where your criminal check citizen has lived.