Delta 8 THC Tincture – Cannabis At ‘High’ Concentration!

Plants and herbs have had medical applications for ages. They were used to treat ailments and maintain health long before pharmaceutical companies were a thing—tinctures made of one or more herbs used to be the go-to solutions to medical conditions. Similarly, cannabis tincture is also an herb extract used nowadays for medical and recreational purposes. It is one of the most popular marijuana products these days. Two variants of cannabis tincture are available – THC and CBD tinctures. The use depends on the purpose and what intensity of product one wishes to use. So, this is a quick guide for anyone confused about the difference or the benefits of Delta 8 THC tincture.

What is cannabis tincture?

A tincture is a highly concentrated liquid or herbal extract obtained by soaking the herb in oil, alcohol, or vegetable glycerin. They have a longer shelf life than the herb, making them easy to consume. Cannabis tincture is an excellent option for people who wish to use marijuana but don’t prefer smoking. Apart from the tincture, other edibles like Delta 8 gummies, CBD oil, infused chocolates, and more are available.

Tinctures are usually taken orally, meaning that the substance travels through the body to pass through the liver and eventually to the bloodstream. So, one doesn’t feel the effect right away. It takes about 30 minutes for the cannabis concentrate to start giving the intended effect. Further, one can customize their intake or dose because the tincture is available with a dropper.

What products are available?

The following two types of cannabis tinctures are available in the market in broad circles.

  • Marijuana tincture

It contains over 0.3% THC. So, it provides a decent psychoactive effect for those who need it. But, it is not legal in all states, and one needs to check if it’s legal in their area.

  • Industrial hemp tincture

It contains the extract of cannabidiol or CBD. The THC concentration is below 0.3%. It has a mild psychoactive effect meaning one would likely not feel the high kick with this one. It is legal throughout the United States.

What is Delta 8 tincture?

Delta 8 THC tincture is an oil extracted from the hemp plant rich in several cannabinoids. The concentration may vary as several strengths are available in the market. One can either ingest it directly or use it in other edibles like homemade hemp brownies.

Dose and duration

The duration of the effect may vary depending on several factors. The concentration and composition of the tincture is the primary one. An individual’s tolerance level also determines the onset and its duration. A good quality tincture taken in moderate amounts can last for 8 hours. The onset period may vary from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on one’s capacity. If someone feels that it is not kicking in, they should wait for at least 40 minutes before taking the second dose.

The dose depends on the individual’s tolerance level, body effect, the reason for consumption, and desired effect. For example, a person with 72 kgs of body weight would need not more than 10mg of Delta 8 tincture for a mild and pleasant high. If they wish to experience intense effects, 35mg would be enough.

Are tinctures safe?

Research in this direction is still ongoing. However, some applications in the medical field are actively undertaken. It helps terminally ill patients with pain relief. It helps with nausea and other side effects for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

However, one needs to research before purchasing any product. People using these products for medical reasons need to consult a doctor before consuming even a drop. It ensures that the products are safe to consume alongside the medicines.