September 20, 2012 @ 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Capitol Reflecting Pool
3rd St & Jefferson Drive SW Washington
DC 20004


Speakers for this event included:

Jim Riccio, Greenpeace USA Cathy Iwane, Concerned Mother and Evacuee of Japan & Wakayama Ladies Against Nukes
Gary Shaw, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC) Susan Hito Shapiro, Radiation and Public Health Project & Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
Courtney Hansen, Georgia Wand & Stop Plant Vogtle Lou Zeller, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
David Kraft, Nuclear Energy Information Service Michael Leonardi, Coalition Against Nukes and Toledo Coalition for Safe Energy
Mandy Hancock, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Diane D’Arrigo, Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) & Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network, Sierra Club No Nukes Campaign
Kristen Iversen, kristeniversen.com Gene Stone, Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE)
Chris Williams, SAGE Alliance Terry Lodge, Esq, representative of antinuclear intervenors in Ohio and Michigan
Iori Mochizuki, Fukushima Diary Nancy Burton, Esq, Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone


It is time for parents and especially mothers to STAND UP for the future.

According to Helen Caldicott: Insufficient as it is, even the National Academy of Sciences BEIR V11 Report, widely accepted as the industry standard, clearly states:

  • There is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. Any exposure can trigger cancer.
  • Although the reasons are not yet clearly understood, women and children are 
significantly more vulnerable.
  • Women are 40-60% more likely to get cancer than men, given the same exposure. 
They are about 50% (half again) more likely to acquire a fatal cancer from this exposure. This means that for every two men who die of radiation related cancer, three women will die given a similar exposure.
  • Children between the ages of 0-5 are more vulnerable than all adults, both men and women. But what is almost never discussed, also from the BEIR V11 Report, is that in this age group little girls are twice as vulnerable as boys. This means that for every boy, there will be two girls who will acquire a fatal or non-fatal cancer.

This is truly shocking, and when applied to the situation in Japan leads to a horrifying vision of the future. But, the fact is, these same numbers have been found for exposure to tritium and other radioisotopes, released from every nuclear reactor legally and illegally. Furthermore, the industry’s denial that clusters of childhood leukemia exist around nuclear reactors has been refuted by a number of current studies that have found these clusters DO exist. This includes the recent KiKK Study from Germany, and the Geocap study in France.

If actuarial figures were holographs, we would start to see the people of Japan begin to fade before our eyes, with disproportionate vulnerability. For every two men, three women disappearing from the future, lost to cancers and radiation-related disease. For every adult, there will be disproportionately more children. For every boy, twice as many little girls… vanishing. This is a powerful image.

Please download and read: Code of Conduct for attending an event on United States Capitol Grounds (PDF)