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Everything To Know About Tetris And Its Gameplay

Embracing a universal desire to create order out of chaos successfully, Tetris is considered a game that is known to have started it all. The well-renowned Tetris game was created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov. Therefore, it is known to be the product of the computer programming experience and love of puzzles that Alexey Pajitnov.

General information regarding the gameplay of Tetris 

  • Goal 

A player is required to put his endurance and organizational skills to the test by successfully clearing as many lines as he can. 

  • Clear lines 

A player must maneuver the tetrominoes falling in the game space to fit them together within the matrix. He is required to fill every square present within a single row to clear a particular line. 

  • Score points 

A player can clear lines and earn points. The scoring opportunities are increased if he clears multiple lines at a single point in time. 

  • Ghost piece 

A player is required to use the ghost piece to determine the perfect fit of the tetrominoes falling across his screen. This increases the scoring opportunities and appears directly below the falling tetrominoes.

  • Next queue 

A player can preview the upcoming tetromino with the help of the next queue to plan for the future and increase his scoring opportunities. 

  • Hold queue

A player can store a tetromino falling over in the hold queue. It can be used later by him whenever required. 

  • Game over 

A player is required to stack the tetrominoes as high as possible, and the game is over. 

What are the objectives of playing the game? 

The primary goal of Tetris is to score as many points as it is possible by effectively clearing all the horizontal lines of blocks coming across the player. The player is required to drop, move, and rotate the falling tetrominoes inside the game’s playing field, which one might also call the matrix. A line is cleared when filled with blocks and does not possess any empty spaces.

As and when a player successfully keeps on clearing lines, the level of the game tends to increase. As a result, the tetrominoes start falling faster. It results in making the game more challenging as it progresses further.

If the blocks in the matrix land above the top of the playing matrix, the game is over for the player.

Features of Tetris 

  • Easy to play 

Tetris is a super easy game to play; everyone is aware of playing the game. The only difficult thing attached to the game is how to stop playing. 

  • New turn-based multiplayer 

Tetris possesses three different gaming modes for a player to enjoy playing it. 

  • Learn languages while playing the game 

The dictionary and the application of Tetris are known to be available in Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, French, English, Catalan, and Spanish. A player can play in two languages at a single time as well. 

  • More modes of gaming 

The history mode in the game is known to contain almost 200-300 free levels filled with challenges and exciting surprises. If you like to build large words and play relaxed games without pressure, you should try the word matrix mode. If you are fond of solving puzzles, you can go with the acronymous mode. 

  • Weekly tournaments 

Every week, three new levels await a player in the tournament with special prizes for the players who performed the best. 


In the decades that followed, the game became one of the most recognizable and successful video games by appearing on nearly every gaming platform available in the market. You can play the game now at; what are you waiting for?