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Everything You Need To Know About Pomades

Are you starting to use hair pomades and would like to learn more about these hair products? We got you covered with this article. Listed below are some of the things you should know about pomades in Singapore before using them. Without further ado, let’s start:

Different types of hair pomades

In this section, we will discuss the difference between the two main types of hair pomade. We will discuss the use, advantages, as well as disadvantages of the two main types of hair pomades, so stay tuned if you want to learn more.

  1. Petroleum Based Hair Pomade

Petroleum-based pomades feature a more old-fashioned formulation that is normally comprised of petroleum, oil, paraffin, as well as other waxy ingredients. This type of pomade is more difficult to rinse with just a shower. Hair pomades that are based on petroleum generally require a few washes using shampoo to rinse it off completely. With that said, petroleum-based hair waxes provide the strongest hold, shines better than other products, and are smoother compared to other hair pomades. Additionally, petroleum-based hair pomades allow you to change your hair style without removing it first.

With that said, this type of hair pomade will cause your hair to appear more greasy, in addition to being hard to wash away. This might be a turn off to some people, especially those without much time to spend removing the hair pomade with multiple washes at the end of the day.

  1. Water-Based Hair Pomade

Water based pomades can be quickly washed off, which is certainly an excellent choice if you don’t want an oily or greasy appearance. Water-based pomades are also handy if you want to be able to quickly wash off the pomade without multiple showers. Water-based pomades dry out faster than petroleum-based pomades, which means that you will have to use water again if you want to restyle your hair.

Water based hair pomades are long lasting, and since it does not make your hair greasy, you are less likely to develop acne either. With that in mind, water-based hair pomades are harder to restyle, less shiny than petroleum-based hair products, and dries out your hair.

Pomades Vs. Other Hair Products

Pomade Vs. Hair Wax

Pomades and hair waxes are generally compared to each other, especially pomades that are water-based. This is because both of these products provide a matte effect upon application. Hair waxes give more texture to the hair, while pomades have a shinier finish. Additionally, hair waxes also give a tacky feeling to the hair, which might be annoying to some people.

Pomade Vs. Hair Gel

Hair gels provides a strong hold on your hair, which makes it ideal for people who want to style their hair in the morning and not bother with it all day. This property can be a disadvantage since you will not be able to restyle your hair after the gel dries. Hair gels can also make your hair flaky once it is dry. Hair gels are also great for people with thin hair since it provides a fuller hair appearance