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Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers

If you are an Internet marketer who has been using Google Adsense as a source of income, you may have noticed that a lot of changes with Google have affected your earnings. If you would like to keep earning decent income from your blogs and other sites, you may want to look into some Google Adsense alternatives. There are some alternatives which you can use immediately to replace the sagging income a lot of us are experiencing with Adsense.

One choice which offers a lot of hope is AdBrite. This company allows you quite a bit of freedom in the top of ads you want to display, and doesn’t turn away the smaller publishers. A great perk you will get with AdBrite is you can sell ads to your visitors, which is something you could not do with Google Adsense.

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If you are a small publisher, you’re not going to find a better deal than Clicksor. They will not turn you away as quickly as other ad services, and the revenue they can help bring in seems to be better than a lot of the other alternatives. Their ads are not only based on the keywords you have chosen, they are also based on the content of your site. This makes Clicksor a very good choice for bloggers.

Chitika will give you yet another stream of revenue by placing ads on your site for actual products. You won’t be using regular text links. You’ll be using their special product boxes which display products related to your site’s content. You’ll earn commission for each sale made from a click which originates from your site. This makes Chitika a great supplemental income source.

Yahoo created their own ad network called the Yahoo Publisher Network. This service is pretty much an attempt to copy what Google has done, but it hasn’t taken off nearly as well. If you have used Adsense, then you know what is in store for you with the Yahoo version.

If you’re looking for an advertiser network which offers a little innovation, you may want to try Adtoll. This company uses the Peel Away Ad which sits in the top corner of your blog or webpage. The curl shape is an attention getter and hard to resist. When your visitor curiously places their cursor over it, they will be presented with an ad. Of course they still do the text ads as well. Adtoll is well worth a try for your business.

Finding Google Adsense alternatives for your site may take a little experimenting, but it is well worth your time. Even if you only want to supplement your Adsense income, you should investigate some of the above choices which we have discussed. It won’t cost you anything to try them out, and you could make extra money in the process.