Hemp Vs Cannabis Seeds – Distingusions from the core!

To understand all about a plant, one needs to dive into the depth of its seeds. It helps an individual identify things and to understand the root difference. The distinction between the two seeds originating from the same plant can confuse an individual to the next level. The hemp and the Cannabis Seeds is some of the most popular talks amongst people. The majority do not know that they are not cannabis with different species, but just two diverse names and come from the same flowering plant. It is vital for anyone using it to understand the difference. It makes the person use them in the best way and as per the need.

Hemp Vs Cannabis – The difference!

With different features to look upon, both of these seeds show a clear distinction in various aspects. They are the following:

  • Chemical built

Both of the seeds, hemp and cannabis, comprise the same chemical. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the primary active component. It is present in different amounts in them that give them the difference of applications. It is also responsible for the psychological effect of cannabis. The percentage of THC in Hemp is less than 0.3. It is approximately ten times lesser than the percentage in cannabis.

  • Psychoactivity

Psychoactivity is usually the outcome of the seeds on the psyche of an individual. The effects may vary from person to person, but anyone high usually experiences hallucinations or sees visions. They may also have paranoia for which is temporary, and the intensity varies. As the psychological effect depends upon the THC, the use of hemp does not have any such impact. Only the cannabis renders it out. 

  • Yielding Pattern

The outcome of the seeds sown also depends upon the care given to these plants. Usually, hemp is a free-growing plant that does not require much care and attention. It is adaptive and can grow in any environment. On the other hand, one needs to take extra caution while growing cannabis, as it needs a controlled environment and perfection for ultimate yield. With a difference in the harvest, they both grow different in appearance and their applications.

  • Appearance

The look of both the plant can say it all. Both the hemp and the cannabis look apart from each other. Cannabis tends to have a broadleaf with a tight bud, while the hemp leaves are thin and have all the concentration at the top. The plant of cannabis looks like a bush, while for hemp, it resembles a tall plant. Hence, with a viable difference, one can easily pick one from the other.

  • Application

With a difference in structure, appearance, and composition, both of these serve different applications. The hemp is usually universally used for several things, including the automobile industry, clothing, food, construction, etc. Cannabis, on the other hand, finds its application in medicine for therapeutic uses or can be used by an individual for recreational purposes. Regardless of usage, one must ensure that the product is authentic.

Hemp and Cannabis Seeds can be easily distinguished. These difference come as per their chemical percentages, their structure, their effects, and much more. It is vital to know the difference between them as it helps an individual choose the seeds as per the needs. Both have their applications, and hence they cannot be intermixed. Some products imitate the functions of these seeds and have the power to con the customers. Therefore, one must be very alert while picking them. Selecting from the authentic sources that render information and have good customer reviews is vital for seeds. With in-hand knowledge about the difference and trustworthy platforms, one can have the best products for use!