How To Get Access To Minecraft For Free!!

Minecraft is the most beloved video game ever developed that has been around for over a decade, and gamers still love to play this incredible game. It has gained tremendous popularity among players around the world. Still, most of us cannot afford the game or take part in the interactive gameplay that Minecraft offers. 

Minecraft gameplay has inspired the community of players to be more creative even after a decade of its released date. Being the best-selling game, the prices may differ on various platform choices, but you always have to pay something in order to play the title game. Players can get access to the trial version available over the official platform that will provide you with five gameplay, and each gameplay runs for 20 minutes. 

It means you have an hour or so to decide whether the game is a perfect fit for you or not. The trial version will not give you access to other gameplay modes as there are some limitations. So, it is always better to take advantage of the demo version before thinking about buying Minecraft. 

And before you jazz up some income for purchasing the latest version of Minecraft, you use minecraft account generator for getting access to the title game for free. However, if you don’t have enough money to purchase the latest Minecraft version, you can use these three ways to play Minecraft for free. 

  • Minecraft Classic 

On the occasion of Minecraft’s tenth anniversary, Mojang has released the classic Minecraft version for free, allowing the world to play this browsing game for free. Moreover, Mojang wanted gamers to relive the obsession with the original gameplay and enjoy the beginning of Minecraft with access to every bug and tool. 

This means players have the authority to play this game for free with all original 32 blocks and create a pixelated world they ever wanted. Gamers should know that they can download the classic Minecraft version from the official website of Mojang and interact with their friends and explore the pixelated world in creative mode. 

However, if you play this Minecraft version in the browser, you should know that this classic version is more prone to bugs, but you can have fair gameplay and get used to Minecraft world. 

  • Minecraft Trial 

Mojang wanted to provide the first-hand experience before gamers fully commit to Minecraft and purchase the most suitable version of their gaming experience. With its Minecraft trail, you can experience the gameplay of Minecraft world and know how to play the game. 

Players should know that they would be provided with 90 minutes of gameplay trial, which is enough to understand the Minecraft interface and know what to buy from the store. Before you buy the game, it is advised to take advantage of the trial version and make the most of the gaming experience. Mojang has developed the trial version of the game in such a way that it gives you the taste of what it would be like to play the premium version of Minecraft. 

  • Minecraft Earth 

Minecraft earth is the android version developed by Mojang with the concept of original Minecraft. Mojang has taken its first step towards augmented reality, and gamers should know that the game version is still in its early stages. The developers have made this game available on the Google play store for free. 

The main difference between the original version and the app Minecraft, you can bring the pixelated world live to your room. Build, explore, collect, craft and bring out your creativity to get the most out of your immersive experience that Minecraft offers. 

These are the top ways to play Minecraft for free and bring out your creativity in this pixelated world.