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How To Put On Muscle In Your Skinny Body

How to put on muscle in your skinny body? It’s not the biggest mystery on earth. To learn how to put on muscle on the body, it can be learned and applied by you. You must understand how the muscle grows. The muscle will grow when they have been stressed to a certain point. If you are usually lift weighting for just 10 kg, and then to make your muscle grow bigger, you can try to lift extra 2-5 kg gradually. And let you exercise with it for few weeks to make your body adapt with the new pressure, and train your muscle to work harder and build heavier. The principal of how to put on muscle is to forcing your body to adapt to new pressures. If you lift a light weight you do not challenge your strength at all even if you lift it one hundred times. If you lift a heavy weight about 8-10 times before you get to failure however your body knows it needs to adapt and your body start to have muscle growth. That’s how to put on muscle in your body.

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The natural mechanism of how to put on muscle is that the muscle fibers that get stressed from a heavy load develop many small tears in them that need to be repaired. The body will divert energy to this task and the repairs will come with a benefit, a layer of new muscle fiber on top of the healed tears. This is what we called muscle growth and over time can add inches to your arms, chest, legs or whatever you train. Another way on how to put on muscle in your body is to have enough building muscle materials and enough food to feed it. Knowing the exact nutrients you need to build muscle is quite difficult. Most of people go to the dietician to consult about their food. Many people are usually recommended to take high-protein-low carb diet style in order to achieve bigger muscle. Proteins are tending to form muscle, while growing muscle is hard on fat storage body. It’s important to decrease some body fat into the needed level to replace the body with almost all grown up muscle. Food and workout is the best combination of how to put on muscle in your body properly.

Talking about food on how to put on muscle, it’s not easy as it’s said. People need to eat the right foods to get the nutrients you need for the muscle growth as many as you need to reduced the food that can storage the fat and inhibit increasing muscle mass. Usually, when people on diet how to put on muscle they follow these rules:

Eat 5-6 meals a day to keep the body fueled.

Eat calorie dense foods to avoid bloating

Eat high protein foods and high calories vegetables

Avoid processed foods

Eat foods that promote testosterone like broccoli because testosterone are better in shaping up the muscle

The other important things on how to put on muscle is to take a rest to allow the muscle recover from pressure.