How To Stay Productive As A Medical Marijuana Patient

Medical marijuana has been legalized in almost 50% of the country, with 24 states having adopted new law that approves legalized, medicinal use of marijuana. This makes cannabis a popular alternative to traditional medicine and it’s being used as a treatment option for a wide variety of conditions. Doctors today do not directly prescribe marijuana to their patients, but instead issue a medical marijuana recommendation or green card as many call it. This marijuana card allows the patient to purchase medical marijuana at dispensaries located throughout the state. These dispensaries are often difficult to spot due to their low profile marketing in effort to not get noticed by federal authorities, since raids have been a concern since their opening.

However, dispensaries are now located everywhere in states where medical marijuana is legal. The way that medical marijuana is issued means that it’s not prescribed, but instead, recommended to patients suffering from conditions like chronic pain, glaucoma and pressure in the eye, seizure disorders, cancer patients and more. Medical marijuana is playing a variety of different roles and with 92% of patients reporting a successful outcome and decreased symptoms when using medical marijuana, it appears to be working. Oxycodone and other opiate prescriptions have dropped dramatically in states where medicinal marijuana is legal, leading to fewer overdoses and deaths. Doctors assume patients are trying medical marijuana before using prescription meds.

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However, one thing medical marijuana users are struggling with is their ability to stay productive and be a functional member of society when using marijuana regularly. As you may know, medical marijuana has a strong psychoactive effect that can cause short-term memory loss and drowsiness in patients. Combating these side effects and figuring out ways to stay productive is an ongoing challenge for those who truly need medical marijuana and would have a significantly lower quality of life without it. For many, it provides much needed relief and comfort that makes getting through the day easier and less of a personal struggle.

#1 – Smoke later in your day

Choosing to smoke at the end of your day can make a huge difference in productivity. Smoking at night is a way to use marijuana as a reward and relaxation aid to unwind at the end of the day. Sometimes marijuana can lead to decreased productivity and choosing to withhold until your obligations from the day are finished can be a responsible decision. Medical marijuana users that depend on marijuana for conditions such as chronic pain or cancer treatment will likely not have this option, as marijuana us throughout the day can help control the discomfort.

#2 – Smoke the right strain

Medical marijuana comes in many different strains, with varying concentrations of the THC and CBD cannabinoids. Medical marijuana with high amounts of CBD tends to make the user less tired and focus will be maintained better. Smoking high CBD marijuana is a benefit to your productivity and ability to function throughout the day. Most marijuana dispensaries will have high CBD bud options for their patients.

#3 – Smoke with a plan

Have a plan for what you plan to do after you smoke. If your idea of being productive is smoking at home behind a computer screen or TV screen, provided you don’t work from home, then you should try something else and see what the results are like. Next time you smoke, know what you want to do after and stick to it.

#4 – Smoke in the right environment

Instead of smoking all day or smoking at a time that you’d rather be doing something else, choose to smoke in the right environment at a time that works well for your schedule.