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How To Take Control Of A Relationship The Ugly Truth About Fairy Tale Relationship

Almost everyone enjoys a blissful start in their relationships like in the fairy tale, “Two partners fell in love passionately with each other unlike other relationships they had earlier and lived happily ever after.” The connection in the beginning is great. Both you and your partner could encounter a ‘rebirth’ with a marriage, honeymoon as well as the exciting first year of marriage. However, once your relationship starts to develop for a while and both of you begin to experience heavier responsibilities with kids, work, social functions and also other commitments, your romance and love becomes much more challenging to handle. Often time romance may be diminishing. However, this destiny can be avoided if are willing to learn how to take control of a relationship. Put in the effort to revive the passion by becoming more romantic.

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Revive The Passion In Your Relationship

If you wish to revive the passion in your relationship but you are not sure how to go about it, then it is good to start from the beginning. Learn how to take control of a relationship by recalling the things that you have done for your partner in the beginning of your relationship. Do those things again for your partner. Do not be too overly concerned as to whether you are truly romantic or not as you will discover more romantic things to do once you have initiated some romantic gestures.

Affection And Love Are Shown By Doing Little Things

Usually in new relationships or new beginnings, affection and love are shown by doing little things. Little things such as remembering important ‘couple’ days like Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, the date both of you got to know each other for the first time is crucial. Learn how to take control of a relationship by sending a meaningful present, preferably a present that shows your love and care. However, if you do not have anything in mind, then you may consider sending roses or a box of candy/chocolate to celebrate the occasion

Writing A Love Letter

You may not be an author but you can learn how to take control of a relationship. One of the most touching ways to revive romance is probably by writing a love letter. Write a love letter to your partner expressing your thoughts and love to him/her. However, if you are not comfortable writing a love letter, then you may consider making a list about what you like most about your partner. Lists about the things that your partner makes you happy, what your partner does to suit your needs that you simply appreciate, how your partner makes you really feel inside, how pretty or good looking your partner is and others.

Speak Lovingly And Softly

Give your partner a call and speak lovingly and softly. If your partner is not able to answer your call, then leave a loving message on his/her voice mail or answering machine. Speak dirty any time you realize that he or she cannot respond to you in the exact same conversation at his/her end.

Giving Gifts To Your Partner

Often time, many couples feel far more comfortable trying to bring romance into their relationships by giving gifts to their partners. Usually presents like chocolates, candy, flowers, perfume and cologne are chosen but try giving something that can signify your love and affection for your partner. You may want to consider viewing every romantic movie in cinema for the whole year as well.

Celebrate Your Partner’s Achievement

Also, do not forget to celebrate your partner’s every single achievement even it is just a small achievement. You may want to prepare a surprise romantic candlelight dinner with a bottle of your partner’s favorite champagne for the celebration. Occasionally SMS your partner with sexy messages or send romantic greeting cards to your partner’s office.

The truth is the fairy tale relationship does not last without effort and work. In order to have a long-lasting successful relationship, you need to learn how to take control of a relationship. It takes work and effort to keep the passion and romance alive in your relationship.