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Info On Lower Abdominal Exercises – Get the complete infor

Lower abdominal exercises are regarded as key to define and strengthen your lower abs muscles. In addition to toning your lower abs muscles, these exercises are considered inevitable for spine stability as well as the prevention of injuries of the lower back. A great thing regarding lower abs exercises is that they are easy to work out and provides you the expected results without the usage of any specialized equipment. Mentioned below are some of the most vital exercises that help to improve and tone your lower abdomen muscles. You should have the complete information available related to the Natural HGH to have the desired results. The building of the muscles is possible for the people for the improvement in the health of the individuals. A pleasant experience is provided to the people. 

Double Leg Lifts

Incorporate this exercise in your daily fitness to achieve a flat tummy. First of all, lie on your back, with your hands placed beneath your butt. The next step is to contract your abdominal muscles while tightening your legs’ muscles. Now maintain this position for few seconds.

Double Leg Circles

As in the case of double leg lifts, begin this exercise by lying on your back, with your hands placed beneath your butt. Now contract your lower abs muscles while raising your both legs a bit off the ground. The next step is to swivel your legs simultaneously in circles. Relax for sometime after making five loops in a clockwise direction. Now repeat the same procedure with five anticlockwise loops.

The Plank

This exercise primarily works both lower and upper muscles and is regarded as highly effective to enhance overall core stability.

Hanging Leg Raise

This is especially designed for advanced athletes and hence requires some additional fitness equipments in the form of sturdy bars for best results.


Prior to beginning this exercise, lie on your back, with your hands beneath your butt. Contract your lower abs muscles and then squeeze your leg muscles. The next step is to raise your both legs a little bit off the floor. Now get your right leg diagonal to your left leg however without bending your knees.

Alternating Leg Walks

Start this exercise by lying on back with your hands below the butt. After taking some deep breath, contract your lower abs muscles to raise your right leg gradually towards up. Now slowly lower it until it is a bit off the floor and at the same time lifting your left leg. Now raise your legs alternatively for about 10 to 12 times.

If worked out in the proper way, all of these aforesaid lower abdominal exercises will undoubtedly help you to enhance your abdominal strength as well as endurance.