Minecraft Anti Grief Plugin – Know about the plugin

The Minecraft anti-grief or grief prevention plugin does just what it says; it prevents all types of grief including theft, build/break, spam, spawn camping, fire, treetops and lava so you won’t have to rollback. The beauty of this plugin is that there is no database or configuration necessary. You will simply be able to stop reacting to grief and nip it in the bud before it begins.

From the hypixel store, it is possible to purchase the best quality of the plugin. It is the first requirement for the playing of the games at the Minecraft server. The access to the database of the server is also possible with the selection of the right store. It will offer the best experience to the players.

The Minecraft anti-grief plugin GriefPrevention essentially solves your grief concerns without necessitating the management of a large tam of admins, all of whom would have to be trained. You also won’t have to handle 10 separate grief prevention plugins at once, or be forced to take away fun game features. You can once and for all stop making long, drawn out manuals or explanatory signage in your worlds, which are time consuming and take away all the fun. This is supposed to be a game! With the GriefPrevention Plugin you are also able to integrate certain PvP elements into the build-design to achieve a sandbox-like PvP experience.

Player Build Protections

A player can claim a certain area where others are allowed to break blocks, build, use equipment, open containers, injure animals or cause other grief (without permission).

Each players starts with a small max size for all claims and as they progress they can earn more blocks. This prevents so-called ‘griefers’ from trying to join your server and immediately take advantage of claims to start problems. As admin you can also easily delete all of a player’s claims if you find that they are becoming a griefer.

New players are protected with a small claim window when they place a chest to protect them from griefers.

PvP Protection

Certain, more creative griefers, try to get around PvP safe areas by using lava and fire. GriefPrevention allows you to stop lava and fire in non-PvP worlds. Griefers also try to spawn camp on certain PvP servers and will sometimes wait next to the spawn outside of the protected section or near their victim’s home. GriefPrevention’s anti-spawn camping feature protects players from PvP if their inventory is completely empty.

Chat Protection

No one likes spam, especially when playing a game. GriefPrevention’s anti-spam feature will first warn and then ban spammers if they don’t stop. This covers copy & paste, caps, macro, jibberish, ASCII art and even login spam.