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Overcome Cigarette Cravings Through Exercise

If you love your body and would like a prolonged life span, you need to eliminate all bad habits that could dampen your health status. This includes binge drinking, unhealthy diet, illegal use of drugs, smoking and many others. What’s worse about these vices is that, it can also lead to weight gain which is another condition that causes worldwide attention due to its health risks.

Let’s focus on how to deal with smoking. When was the last time you lit a cigarette? If you planned to quit smoking but seemingly have no visible progress, then you probably doing the wrong approach. Cigarette prevention methods such as therapies, patches, pills and many others doesn’t really work for everybody and aren’t effective.

Cigarette, just like obesity is one of the primary causes of heart disease, cancer, stroke and lung diseases. If you were smoking since your teen years, you must consider ceasing smoking as it will give you a serious problem once you hit middle age. So if all else failed, what are your options?

Exercise can Help Stop Cigarette Cravings

Exercise is like a fountain of life because it gives too many health benefits. Sweating it out in any possible way can help maintain youthful skin, prevents diseases by strengthening your immune system, takes away stress and above all, can help you lose weight. But can it really help you stop smoking?

A study presented at the World Heart Federation in Dubai this year, shows that smokers can really help themselves to successfully quit smoking by simply applying a regular exercise routine. Although exercise is known to increase life expectancy in general (non-smokers), the study revealed that it was also the case for smokers.

The study was consist of 434,190 people (the largest study ever conducted involving smoking and exercise) ranging from 1996 up to 2008, reveals that smokers (who exercise regularly) were 55% more probability to stop smoking and have 43% less probability of going back to cigarette smoking than those who were not physically active.

Exercise increases life expectancy of all volunteers including heavy smokers which has an average of 3.7 years (23% reduced mortality rate). Previous smokers who practice regular exercise increased their life expectancy by 5.6 years, the same numbers by non-smokers who are less physically active.

All volunteers were divided into three groups of different levels of physical activities – inactive, low active and active. The research said that for over 12 years of extensive study, they conclude that exercise can help smokers to overcome cigarette cravings more effectively than any other forms of cigarette withdrawal methods. Aside from that, the combination of exercise and smoking cessation has been shown to significantly reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Other Important Benefits of Exercise

Aside from helping you to stop smoking, exercise and fitness programs in general plays a vital role in our over all health. I have been vocal about the many benefits of exercise in this site. In fact, I just wrote about the benefits of cycling in my previous post.

Exercise is for everybody. You can do any different forms of physical activities such as sports, aerobics, dancing and even house chores like gardening and car wash.

Whether you do intense workouts for athletes, or you exercise easily just like the elderly or beginners, exercise can very well benefit your health. Some of the benefits includes the following:

  • increased stamina
  • reduced stress
  • weight loss
  • good sense of well-being
  • improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • improved work performance
  • improved sleep
  • strengthens and tones muscles

So if you want to stop smoking while getting fit and healthy, exercise is the best choice. Choose the best workout regime that are suitable for you.

It is important to note that through this conditions you should eat healthy nutrients and not starve yourself. Take a look at this link. It is the result observation of an effective fat burner that happens to be a diet suppressant too. It will help cut down while not compromising nourishment.. And when you’ll eat healthy ultimately your body will demand so too and you will quit smoking.