The country is not only sitting on the largest nuclear arsenal, but also the largest stockpile of nuclear waste. The decades-old question resurfaced again this week after the House of Representatives gave the go-ahead to the Trump administration to revive a long-stalled controversial project to build a nuclear waste dump in the Nevada desert. The repository planned in early 1980s is supposed to be deep inside the Yucca Mountain.

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Between 1957 and 1958, Fijian soldiers participated in the nine UK nuclear weapons tests at Malden and Kiritimati (Christmas) Islands, now part of the Republic of Kiribati. Test veterans, including Fijians, and civilian survivors claim their health (as well as their descendants’) was adversely affected by exposure to ionizing radiation.

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We, the citizens of South Asia and beyond, urge India and Pakistan in the 20th year of the 1998 nuclear tests to put an immediate end to the arms race and competitive belligerence, and negotiate nuclear disarmament at the earliest. Far from providing any security, these 20 years have only witnessed an exacerbation of tensions and heightened warmongering, lending a disconcerting instability to the entire region.

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The decision by the US President to ignore key advisers and allies and to pull out of the nuclear agreement with Iran immediately increases the chances of new and intensified conflict in the Middle East and could provoke Iran into resuming its nuclear weapons program.

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Sorry we’ve been quiet in recent weeks; we have both been working on different exciting projects. Realizing how busy we are, we are taking a sabbatical while Arnie conducts his research and Maggie works on a writing project. At the same time we are also moving to a new home, which we are very excited about.

We will take some much needed vacation time at the end of June, and will re-open part-time on Monday, July 9th. During the summer Maggie will continue her writing project and Arnie and several colleagues will be working on another scientific journal article.

In September we’ll be available full time, and you will also see some changes to the website.

Stay tuned! Fairewinds will keep you informed.

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As grassroots activists, Liz McDaid and Makoma Lekalakala built a broad coalition to stop the South African government’s massive secret nuclear deal with Russia. On April 26, 2017, the High Court ruled that the $76 billion nuclear power project was unconstitutional—a landmark legal victory that protected South Africa from an unprecedented expansion of the nuclear industry and production of radioactive waste.

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