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The GOLDEN RULES to buy the branded, luxury handbag

Like shoes and other fashion accessories, luxury designer bags drive us crazy. You could have dozens, one for each occasion and…


Best options to buy Indian clothes online in the US and Canada

Home outside of the home Yes, it is a fact that Indians living abroad in the US and Canada create…

Accessories Fashion Guide Handbags

The GOLDEN RULES to buy the branded, luxury handbag

Like shoes and other fashion accessories, luxury designer bags drive us crazy. You could have dozens, one for each occasion and…


Best options to buy Indian clothes online in the US and Canada

Home outside of the home Yes, it is a fact that Indians living abroad in the US and Canada create…

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The Spirit of Bourbon Comes Alive in Louisville, Kentucky!

Kentucky is to bourbon what the Napa Valley is to wine. Savoring a number of bourbons and bourbon-inspired dishes here really left some positive impressions in me full of ambience.…


On the Gold-Coast you can have it all,

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The Main Advantage of Installing CCTV Cameras On Business Premises

As frauds are increasing at a tremendous rate in society, it is not easy to trust a person quickly. A person cannot easily suspect that the person with whom he is dealing is fraud or not. In order to get an answer to this question you can install a CCTV camera on your premises to monitor the activity.

CCTV system is the system that helps in keeping the track of what is happening at the premises. These days they are not only installed in business premises but also in the home places. If the CCTV cameras will be installed in the home places, then you will be able to monitor what is happening in your home place if you are out of the house.

If you install pasang cctv at your business site, then you will be able to monitor the complete activity of the workers and also of the visitors who are visiting your business site. You will get an idea of what is happening at your business site.

  • Maintaining in records

As the CCTV cameras are entirely based on technology so they help in maintaining the records, and also they remain safe for a more extended period of time. They help in maintaining the complete record of when your staff is coming in the office and even when they are going and also when and who is coming in the office other than the staff this will help in running the business smoothly.

  • An idea about the crime

In case if in the future there is suspicion of any kind of fraud, then these cameras act as proof of what is correct. If the CCTV cameras are installed on the premises, then you will get an idea if there are any kind of criminal activities that are taking place on your premises. So if you will get an idea in advance, then you can at least try to solve it.

  • Collection of pieces of evidence

Generally, in the premises where there is a CCTV cameras installer there the chances of fraud are negligible as the staff members are aware about the cameras. They also have an idea if they try anything, the pasang cctv will act as proof against them, and they will have to pay for it even.

  • Provide peace of mind

If the premises have the CCTV, then in the owner’s mind, there will be some sort of peace for 24*7 hours as he can live tension-free as the chances of fraud will reduce. this will help him in running the business smoothly.

These are some of the benefits of using CCTV on your premises. They will surely give you some sort of advantage one or the other day. Not only these are the benefits they also provide safety to the business, if we talk about the small or big company there are chances of fraud in both cases so using this CCTV will provide protection to some extent.

What are the Mistakes you need to Avoid for Social Media Marketing

If you have decided to go for social media marketing, in that case, it is one of the best business decisions you have ever made. Social media platforms offer you the best opportunities to promote your brand and business and to attract more people. If you are targeting to attract more traffic towards your website, in that case, a social media marketing and promotion campaign can do wonders. There are different ways small businesses can improve their social media presence. To achieve the best out of it, few strategies needs to be in place. With the help of the right kind of strategy, you can reach out to more people and at the same time increase your online presence. On the whole, a proper social media marketing campaign can have a huge impact on your overall promotional and marketing mechanism. 

However, it needs to be mentioned in this context that to get the best out of social media marketing, there are a couple of important aspects which you need to take into consideration. It is not only about implementing the right strategy, however, it has also a lot to do with avoiding certain mistakes. If these mistakes are not being taken care of, in that case, they can jeopardize your entire social media marketing campaign. 

Major social media marketing campaign mistakes which you cannot afford to make. 

As mentioned, there are a couple of important aspects which you need to look into if you’re planning for social media marketing. Few critical aspects deserve special attention. There are a few mistakes which you cannot afford to make. Here are some of them. 

  • Lack of proper plan: No matter how much you have invested, your social media marketing is not going to show results unless you have a proper planning place. 
  • Not targeting the right audience: This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to social media marketing. You simply cannot assume that everyone is your targeted audience. Your marketing plan needs to be designed in such a manner that the section of the crowd which you have planned to target gets attracted towards it. 
  • Buying followers: Yes, it looks good and attractive when you have a huge number of followers. However, if you buy followers just for the sake of it, in that case, it is of no use and would be a useless investment. You need to remember that the organic followers are the ones that matter. 
  • Being Non-Responsive: This is one of the common mistakes which is made by the companies that are running campaigns on social media. Even if you come across negative comments or feedback, you need to make sure that you reply to every single one of them. 

These are some of the common mistakes which people tend to make on social media. However, it needs to be mentioned that it is not possible to maintain a flawless system. However, you need to make sure that you got as close as possible to a perfect mechanism.

Best Gym Equipment For Weight Loss – Know about it 

Best gym equipment for weight loss, there is no shortage of machines to choose from when you exercise, whether you are at home or in the gym. However, if you are looking to lose weight effectively, anaerobic exercise is probably the best option for you.

When you choose the best weight supplement, the registration at the official site is essential. The PhenQ review checking is the correct decision available for the purchasing of weight supplement products. The performance of the exercise is also possible for the individuals. 

The Best Gym Equipment for Weight Loss So Skinny Fast

For your convenience, we group the The Best Gym Equipment for Weight Loss So Skinny Fast on the labels: gym machine workout routine for weight loss best training equipment for weight loss best low impact exercise equipment for weight loss – best home exercise equipment for fat burning best gym equipment to use for weight loss best gym equipment for stomach weight loss best gym equipment for fast weight loss best fitness equipment for weight loss the best gym equipment for weight loss best home cardio equipment for weight loss . and

These types of exercises raise your heart rate and are the best way to burn calories. Below is a list of five well-known gymnastics teams that could help you lose those extra pounds.

  1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells is an excellent option for those looking for more economical gym equipment that can be used at home. There is a series of different exercises that adapt well to this team, including ‘The Swing’. This exercise requires that you move the kettlebell continuously, starting with it between your legs and lifting it above your head.

It is said that this exercise burns almost 20 calories per minute when executed correctly, and can help tone areas such as quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

  1. Treadmill

Treadmills are often the most obvious option when people think of a machine that is used to help lose weight. This is due to its ability to provide you with a complete workout that requires you to use your entire body.

READ: How Resveratrol Weight Loss Can Keep You Healthy

With the added benefit of multiple speed settings, and in most cases the option to emulate inclinations and declivities, treadmills are definitely an excellent option if you are looking to burn a significant amount of calories. On average, you can burn approximately 300-400 calories per hour when you walk, or up to 1200 per hour if you increase the speed at a fast jog while adding quick arm movements.

  1. Elliptical machine

Elliptical machines are a good option for those who may experience joint pain when using other machines such as the treadmill. As the movement of these machines is softer, you put less stress on the joints, while burning the same amount of calories you would use on a treadmill.

In addition to the calories burned, the use of these machines will promote muscular endurance and strength in areas such as the gluteus, legs, shoulders, and arms.

  1. Rowing machine

Rowing machines can use almost 80% of your body’s muscle mass, which means that this full-body workout is another excellent option for losing weight. Due to the range of motion used to paddle, your body tends to burn a considerable amount of calories in a short space of time.

When executed correctly, this challenging range of motion can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, offering the best weight loss machines.

  1. Stairmaster

The stair master mimics the movement of an escalator and provides a challenging exercise that has been proven to burn a large number of calories in a short space of time. By the hour, you can expect to burn approximately 400-500 calories, which is because your body works against gravity to climb stairs in rapid motion.

Once you have mastered this machine, you can increase the number of calories burned by incorporating the use of ankle weights, bells and hand weights during your ascent. You can also adapt your step to help tone your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Therefore, the next time you plan your training, be sure to try any of the machines listed above to maximize the burn. Remember, before attempting any new exercise, completely read the instructions that have been given to avoid injury.

If you are still not sure, it is a good idea to ask your doctor or personal trainer for advice on how to safely complete new exercises or exercise routines.

I think quite a few of the topics of our times, this article about the best gym equipment for weight loss. Maybe useful and thank you.

Of the thousands of images on the Internet related to The Best Gym Equipment for Weight Loss So Skinny Fast, we’ve picked out the best for you, including Best gym equipment for weight loss pictures , Best workout equipment for weight loss pictures , Best gym equipment for weight loss and toning pictures , Best gym equipment for fat loss pictures , and many more.

Creative Ways To Save Space In Your Small Kitchen

Most of the urban apartments and homes tend to be small and so are the kitchens in them. Fortunately, smaller space does not mean that you cannot create a beautiful and functional kitchen. Though small kitchens feature a confined work triangle, inadequate counter space, and little space for appliances, you can work wonders together with your kitchen by maximizing every inch of precious space.

Utilize the Walls

The walls are the potential space that you can use for space saving purposes. When the cabinets are filled, use the walls instead of your work area to store items. Use hooks and shelves on the walls to hang utensils. Knife blocks take too much space but a wall-mounted one saves space and keeps the tools within reach. Similarly, a hung pot rack will be a great solution for your cookware.

Opt for Kitchen Island

Skipping the island may seem to be a great option in case of small kitchens. However, you should go for it if there is enough room for it. Use it for different functions – as the workstation, storage space, and dining place. If the island has room underneath, use the space to stash stools or a pullout cabinet. A pullout cabinet can be used as a chopping block and storage. You can move it wherever you need and put away when not in use.

If the kitchen is too small to have an island, rethink the counter. Spruce it up to make it a functional workstation.

Use Smaller Appliances

Small kitchen design becomes easier when appliances are smaller and compact. A small stove or dishwasher is fine if you do not need to cook for a big family. Apart from reducing the size, the placement of the appliances should also be done tactfully. For example, you can save the counter space by hanging the microwave underneath cabinets.

Create the Illusion of Space

Some smart tricks can make your kitchen appear bigger even if it is not. Proper placement of enough lighting can make a place seem larger and visually pleasing. Apart from that, create the visual illusion with diagonal floor tiles, slim chairs, sleek stools, small islands, and narrow table. Avoid thick furniture legs because those eat up floor space and add visual bulk.

A small kitchen is a design challenge. But, it is possible to create a fabulous kitchen by applying a few strategic decorating tricks.

Thanks for visiting our real estate blog. Do you need assistance with buying or selling a home, relocating for a new job or considering an investment property in the Champaign-Urbana area? Call Josh at CU Realty Group, LLC today at (217) 202-0571. Our team of trusted advisers will provide you with the expert counsel needed to make a more informed decision.

Is It Good To Live In An Hoa Community

Is it good to live in a community with an HOA?

This is probably one of the least asked questions in real estate, but a very important one. The best answer is this… It depends.

Each homeowner association is different based upon amenities and services. New Construction communities are completely different than a well-established community. Until the builder has sold out of new builds, the Developer has full control of the HOA. They must provide you with the By-Laws that govern each property owner, but do not provide HOA financials. State laws does, however, provide protections to these communities that mandate the Developer leave the HOA financially healthy.

Generally, HOA’s are governed by “elected board members” (homeowners) whose purpose is to ensure the community by-laws are being adhered to. Normally, larger communities will hire a Community Management Company to collect HOA dues and to pay out expenses to maintain all service areas. Many of these communities offer Pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and fitness facilities. Newer communities will have a bundled package to include basic internet/cable, and some will offer lawn care as part of the monthly dues.

The overall purpose for an HOA, is to help ensure higher property values for the homeowners.

With these benefits, also comes the down side of an HOA. Remember when I said a “well-run” HOA adds value? The downside of an HOA is when those who are supposed to be financial stewards, mismanage the HOA fund causing a sudden increase in HOA dues to pay for delayed maintenance repair items. Or, you have an HOA that doesn’t enforce the rules, causing a decline in property values.

The benefits of not having an HOA? You don’t have the added expense of a monthly fee and you are responsible for your own property as per zoning and city/county ordinances. Property values are associated with how well your neighbors keep their properties. Not everyone will have the same standards with lawn care and house upkeep, which will be different from property owner to property owner. If this doesn’t bother you, then this may be the best solution for you. If you want to paint your front door red, you can either submit a formal written request to an HOA Board for approval, or you live in an area where you can paint it red without permissions.

The Lake Nona area has a lot of new construction communities requiring an HOA fee. Although most of Lake Nona has these types of communities, there are also areas that do not require one.

The most important recommendation I can provide with HOA’s, is to make sure you receive a copy of the Rules and By-Laws. Understand the restrictions for what you can and cannot do with your property. The second most important recommendation is to receive a copy of the financial statements. You want to make sure the balance sheet is healthy and there is enough money in reserves for repairs and replacements.

Iditarod Dogs Bloodwork And Ekgs

It’s that time of year. If you lived in Wasilla, you’d most likely be seeing lots of dog trucks on the road. Now true, for those of us who live here, seeing a dog truck at the gas pump next to us or parked nearby in a parking lot isn’t that unusual, but even locals notice a sudden surge in dog trucks about now. For us, it’s one of the first signs that Iditarod season has begun. Savvy locals know many of these trucks are heading toward the parking lot of Iditarod Headquarters.

There, mushers scheduled for that day will be unloading dogs and taking them in and out of an trailer parked in the parking lot. Here, EKG’s will be administered and blood work done on dogs still in contention for an Iditarod team. Dog care, of course, is always a priority, but the closer the Iditarod gets, the more meticulous it becomes. Extensive health testing to ensure the health of the dogs about to embark on such a long journey has been done and continues to be done. “Pre-race blood testing is offered on a voluntary basis during the December prior to the race start,” notes a report on the Iditarod’s website. However, “all dogs must be tested in February to be eligible for the race in March. A complete chemistry and hematology panel is performed in the laboratory and results are sent to both the musher and the chief veterinarian of the race for review.

The blood test results are valuable tools in the decision making process when deciding which dogs will be chosen for an Iditarod team.” For the mushers, what this means is bringing the dogs still in contention for a spot on their Iditarod team to a central point for the testing. Even with endless hours and miles of training and the chore of drop bags behind them, mushers know that if their dogs don’t pass these tests, it might threaten their participation in the race. Even with prior medical exams behind them, there is always the chance a key dog will have to be dropped even before the race begins. Knowing this, every effort is made to make this as painless a process for both musher and canine by the core of volunteer vet techs who perform the tests.

Supplies, which include the obvious, needles and vials to draw and hold the blood samples, as well as the not so obvious, bar code labels to identify each sample, are laid out and ready for each musher’s arrival. Appointments are spread out, allowing about two hours for the process per musher. This is not a process open to the public, I might note, although those lucky enough to be in the parking lot can certainly observe mushers and dogs coming and going from the trailer. Since this is a time sensitive process, however, it’s suggested you only observe from afar. It’s interesting to observe the process.

Each musher seems to approach getting their dogs in and out as efficiently as possible in a slightly different way. Some arrive early, some rush in at the last moment or even late. Some will unload and tie out all the dogs before starting the process, while others will remove the dogs from one side of the dog truck one at a time, in order. Still others do it one or two dogs at a time, sometimes seemingly at random. Some have help, usually a handler or friend; others work alone. No matter how it’s done, however, the key is to do it in as stress-free a manner for the dogs as possible. All this activity is done under the supervision of vet tech Jan Bullock. As the first dog enters the trailer, a process begins that will be followed with each following dog. The first step is usually to check the dog for a microchip.

This is done with a hand-held microchip reader. Iditarod dogs must be micro-chipped. Dogs who haven’t yet been micro-chipped are noted and later injected with a chip, each of which has a unique number and is recorded via a bar code label that’s placed on the musher’s dog sheet. These sheets will later be used to ID the dogs in the race. These chips, about the size of a grain of rice, are also responsible for reuniting dogs and their humans around the world. That’s just the beginning for the dogs, however. After being checked for a micro-chip, blood is drawn from a vein in the dog’s neck. This usually involves at least two vet techs, all volunteers.

One holds the dogs steady and raises the dog’s head slightly to make access to the veins easier. The other draws and labels the vials of blood. Just like humans, of course, it’s more difficult to draw blood from some dogs than others, occasionally meaning blood is drawn from a leg vein, for instance. Most of the dogs, accustomed to being handled from birth, accept it all in stride. Once drawn and labeled, the blood is spun in what is called a centrifuge and shipped to an independent laboratory. Results are then sent to Chief Iditarod veterinarian Stu Nelson, who disseminates the results to the mushers. If necessary, Nelson is available to discuss results with mushers once results are sent out.

The blood work portion of testing is known as a “general health scan.” It reveals a great deal of information, however. For instance, I discovered how important the percentage of oxygen in the blood is. I asked Canadian musher Karen Ramstead, who runs Siberian Huskies, to explain it to me. “One value that Iditarod mushers watch really closely is the HCT level,” explained Karen. “This is a measure of the red blood cell concentration in circulating blood.” The purpose of red blood cells is to carry oxygen to the other cells in the body. The higher the level, the better. Why is this so important? “Dogs with higher HCT levels will recover faster

Top Foods To Help Lose Weight

The best way to get real weight-loss results is by paying attention to what you eat. You don’t have to see food as your enemy and start skipping meals. You just need to choose the right aliments to help you lose weight.

On top of controlling your weight, these foods are nutritional powerhouses that help build bones, prevent chronic diseases, improve your eyesight, and even keep your mind sharp.

Here are some foods that help to curb your cravings and boost your body’s fat potential.


Eggs are your best friend when trying to lose weight. Multiple studies show that when people eat an egg every morning, they lose twice as much weight as those who eat a breakfast primarily of carbs.

Because eggs are full of protein, you’ll feel fuller for a longer time.


Apparently, beans contain something called cholecystokinin, which is one of the best weight-loss factors. This digestive hormone is a natural appetite suppressant.

Beans also keep blood sugar on an even keel, so you can stave off hunger longer.


Salads are the best choice when on a diet because you can control the calorie intake. You can have a salad as big as you want. However, do not put any creamy dressing in it.

Salads also offer vitamin C and E, folic acid, lycopene and carotenoids – all disease.

Green Tea

You do need to supply your body with liquids. Try to replace your normal tea with green tea. However, if possible, try to have it without sugar.

Green tea has antioxidants called catechins that help speed metabolism and fat burning.


A cup of chicken soup is as appetite blunting as a piece of chicken. This is what the Purdue University says in one of their studies.

Researchers say that even a soup satisfies hunger because your brain perceives it as filling.


Grapefruit is one of the best weight loss aids. A study by Nutrition and Metabolic Research Centre found that eating half a grapefruit before each meal, or drinking grapefruit juice three times a day helps to drop the pounds.


Adding some heat to your diet can give you a weight-loss boost. However, this is not the easiest thing to do first thing in the morning so try to incorporate small amounts of chillies into an omelette or scrambled eggs.

Chillies contain a magic ingredient called capsaicin, which helps suppress appetite.


Cinnamon is a great tasting spice that can help you in your weight loss.

Sprinkle it on microwave oatmeal or whole-grain toast to help cure those mid-afternoon sugar slumps. Or add it to your cereal or flavour your coffee with it.


You know what they say: To keep the pounds at bay, eat an apple a day.

Nutritionists say that by eating an apple half an hour before a meal results in you eating less of the meal. This is because the apple contains fibre, which makes you feel full. Also, the antioxidants in apples may help prevent metabolic syndrome, a condition marked by excess belly fat or an “apple shape.”

Dropping Off Drop Bags

One of the last hurdles mushers must overcome on their way to the starting line of the Iditarod is to complete and deliver the drop bags to the Iditarod Trail Committee. It isn’t an easy chore. “Having done it three times,” remembers musher spouse Maureen Morgan, “I can guarantee it takes a lot of time, planning and organization. What goes in what bag and where is important.” Once the bags are packed, of course, mushers must deliver them to the ITC. Some, those not within easy driving distance, choose to ship the bags, bags that are then delivered to central checkpoints. Others deliver them in person.

Here’s a look at that process. Each bag that arrives is packed with something different. Each checkpoint demands different things, just as each musher’s run/rest schedule has an impact on what will go into each checkpoint’s bags. If they’re going to be staying awhile, the bag or bags will be fuller. If they only expect to be passing through, the bags will be fewer and hold only essentials. Maureen Morgan remembers packing these bags. “Imagine your living room or even your driveway completely covered by large bags,” she says. Every spot is covered, if not with bags, with the items to go into them. Karen Ramstead, standing right in the middle of her drop bags as they wait outside to be packed into her dog truck for deliver to Anchorage would probably agree.

It’s a huge undertaking, one Karen reports took about five hours to complete. Morgan remembers spending days in the kitchen just preparing her husband Bob’s food bags. “Each item was cooked, frozen and then put into a food saver, airtight bag,” she says. On the trail, the musher will “take these bags and drop them in the cooker as he is melting snow for water for the dogs. Yes, they share the same cooker.” Besides food items for the musher, of course, the bags will contain dog food, supplies needed at checkpoints such as snaps, extra ganglines, and more. In the photo right, taken by Donna Quante in 2007, Karen stands beside her bags as they wait to be loaded into her dog truck for deliver to Anchorage. These are the bags that are delivered to the Iditarod Trail Committee.

For mushers in the Anchorage area, the procedure starts with a drive to the shipping point. Once there, they back their truck up to the door and then the volunteers take over. Karen is shown arriving at the warehouse in 2004 to drop off her bags. Volunteers quickly unpack the bags from the truck, moving them toward the front of the area. There, they will be claimed by more volunteers, weighed and then taken to a designated pile for shipment later to that checkpoint. The different colors and different colored lettering is designed to make the bags easier to sort. Occasionally, mechanical help is used, such as when large packets of bags are unloaded from semi-trucks. Once they reach the front of the room, volunteers weigh each bag, calling out the weight so those sitting at nearby tables can record the weight for the eventually tally. Here the bag is being set on the scale (built into the floor) to be weighed. This volunteer calls out the weight, then those at the adjacent table write down the total as part of a running tab. At the end of the process, mushers will step up to the table to learn how many pounds they’ve shipped and what the cost to them is. Here, the bags have been weighed and are being passed back a line of volunteers to be taken to the proper checkpoint location. Karen Ramstead, black jacket right, watches with interest in 2007.

It’s the combined weight that will determine the cost to her. Once weighed, the bags make their way to the proper pile. Those savvy enough to read the bags can perhaps read something into a musher’s planned run/rest schedule based on the size of the bags, but for most the bags tend to blend together. Note that by 2007, standing name posts were being used to mark the site for each checkpoint’s bags. In 2004, checkpoint names were simply on tape beside each stack. It’s a process that is repeated and repeated throughout the day as musher after musher arrives. Hard work? You bet it is, but the volunteers have fun, too, which is why most of them come back year after year to help with dropped bag. During lulls in action, I caught a group playing an impromptu game of volleyball with one of the air-filled bags that comes with the shipped dropped bags to protect them from being crushed.

As tempted as I was to join the game, I restrained myself, but can tell you that the bag seemed to be made of the same sort of paper a paper feed sack might be contructed from, but was sealed and air tight. They made great volleyballs! Moments later, it was back to work. The line constantly moves forward, one bag per volunteer so that no one person winds up carrying countless bags one after the other. This photo was taken from behind the table where totals were being tallied, looking out across the expanse.

My hunch is that these bags are some of those that mushers most look forward to being reunited with, those bound for Nome. Jessie Royer’s bags were on top of this 2004 stack.

Interestingly enough, right beside it, seen behind the volunteer above, is an empty stack. That one is reserved for any bags being shipped to Safety. Since few mushers stay long at Safety, they are not required to ship bags there. Few do. Should extra bags be needed in case of a break or spill, they are available. Mushers can also simply turn an extra bag for, say, McGrath, inside out and use it for White Mountain simply by writing the designated checkpoint on the now blank side of the bag.

The Spirit of Bourbon Comes Alive in Louisville, Kentucky!

Kentucky is to bourbon what the Napa Valley is to wine. Savoring a number of bourbons and bourbon-inspired dishes here really left some positive impressions in me full of ambience. Just like wine experiences that travelers seek out in France or California, I recommend seeking out a Kentucky bourbon experience.

Louisville is the gateway of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which extends about an 1.5 hour drive south and east from the city and contains several distilleries. Within Louisville, it’s called The Urban Bourbon Trail. It’s made up of eight drinking establishments that are required to serve between 50-150 different bourbons each. You can’t just call any whiskey bourbon, for it must meet certain federally mandated standards:

Made in the USA of at least 51 per cent corn; Distilled at less than 160 proof from fermented grain mash; Must be matured in new charred, white oak barrels at 125 proof or less; Only pure water can be added to the final product; Has to be bottled at 80 proof or more, and aged for at least 2 years.

The bourbons of Kentucky are renowned because the state sits on a limestone shelf, which filters the iron out of the water.

It was a late Saturday afternoon as some friends and I sauntered into the historic Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville. I was captivated by the interior motif of English Renaissance Adams Style (from the 1920’s) as well as by some cocktail style music gently emanating from a piano as natural light peered in through the high windows. We were seated in the Lobby Bar. I sampled some Maker’s Mark bourbon that had added to it some Godiva Dark, Frangelico, and cream for a “Bourbon Ball”. The ingredients in this cocktail really made the bourbon stand out.

From the bar, you can order a number of food items, including Rabbit Rillettes, Lobster “Mac and Cheese”, and even an Angus burger, with current prices ranging from $8-$16. This bourbon bar also serves a number of white and red wines, and cocktails. These range in price from $7-$14. The service is very fast and friendly.

And luckily for us, we were able to order menu items from the Brown’s exquisite English Grill restaurant in the next room (dinner entrees were priced from $18-$34, appetizers $7-$17). I had the best-tasting Crab Cakes of my existence that special evening, for they resonated with a smoke-fired taste thanks to the accompanying Corn Bourbon Sauce (made with Elijah Craig bourbon).

I walked around the historic bar and noticed some circa 1930’s menus, where a Christmas dinner cost only $1.75 and a New Year’s Eve dinner was only five bucks.

Even though it has a 57-foot long bar containing scores of orange-reddish back-lit bourbon bottles, we chose to savor some bourbon and bourbon cuisine in the outdoor dining area of Maker’s Mark Bourbon House & Lounge during a mild evening. I tried a shot 6 year old, 93 Proof bourbon known as Blanton’s, which was produced from a single barrel. Being the bourbon novice, I was told to swirl it around in my glass and then sniff it with my mouth open. The scent to my nostrils was one of being very caramelized as I drank it “neat” (or straight). The taste was really strong, though not quite fiery, but it went down smoothly!

This restaurant and bar has quite a litany of bourbons on the menu list, including some older than 20 years like Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve (23 years old and 95.6 Proof). It also offers flights (a sampling of a number of bourbons), subject to availability.

I was treated to some bourbon-inspired cuisine here that really enhanced the flavor of the food. For appetizers, you can’t go wrong with their irresistible Lobster “Corn Dogs” that come with a bourbon mustard. Appetizers range in price from $7-$18. For dinner, I enjoyed the very filling Bourbon Smoked Salmon Pasta, that came with some superior-tasting Orecchiette Pasta. Their dinner entrees ($26-$45) also include a Bourbon Braised Kobe Short Rib as well as several steak entrees like a yummy bourbon marinated sirloin, which I got to sample from one of my fellow diners. I sampled some perfectly sweet (but not rich) Vanilla Sweet Cream White Pie for dessert, whose prices are $8-$9.

In the darkly lit building dating back to the 1870’s and a couple miles from downtown, I would have the chance to sample some real quality bourbon full of history at Bourbons Bistro.

I was served a glass of 20 year old, 90.4 Proof Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve bourbon. This is considered one of the best bourbons, coming from a bourbon maker that has spanned four generations dating back to the late 1800’s. Pappy Van Winkle’s is made with wheat instead of rye, which is supposed to make the bourbon smoother, sweeter, and age better.

This bourbon is beautifully colored, and after swirling it in the glass, I noticed a really fiery, lightly caramelic scent. Upon drinking it, my palate noticed a hot taste, but incredibly, it went down really smooth!

I savored a filling dinner that included a Shrimp Cocktail and a Baby Spinach Salad. Then I feasted on some delicious Pan Seared Lobster Cakes that came with a really tasty lemon-chiffon Hollandaise topping. Those dinner appetizers/salads range in price from $6-11, and also include such offerings as Steak Tartar and Fried Cornmeal Dusted Oysters. The entrees include a ribeye steak that’s accompanied with Bourbon Butter and a burger that’s “dressed” with an Apricot Bourbon Mustard plus many fish dishes like the one I had. These range in price from $11-$33.

Bourbons Bistro serves over 130 bourbons ranging in price from $5-$75 – my choice cost $20. Drinkers can sample some nine bourbon flights (which includes a “pick your own” one).

On the Gold-Coast you can have it all,

On the Gold-Coast you can be greedy and have it all… What makes Australia’s Gold-Coast really stand out as a holiday destination is the array of tours, activities, attractions and events that can be experienced in the region. National attractions, famous beaches and a multitude of waterways provide an idyllic backdrop for sailing and cruising, water sports, scenic flights and surf-based activities. The Gold Coast’s man-made attractions are just as diverse and impressive as its natural wonders.

On the Gold Coast you really can be greedy and have it all: Depending on your mood you can: Play golf at some of Australia’s best courses. Don’t be held back by convention – take a helicopter between courses. Try Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove; spend the morning at Royal Pines and in the afternoon tee-off at Emerald Lakes. You’ll never run out of options as long as you don’t run out of balls You can: get excited and drive the Pacific Motorway from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. How exciting can this be? Start north at Sirromet Winery (but don’t drink and drive).

Visit the cellar door and find out why the company has won 150 awards in three years then, on your way down, visit the Carlton and United brewery and take a tour of Queensland’s largest brewery. For some this pretty exciting stuff ..

  • You can: experience exciting thrill rides, stunt shows and outback spectaculars.
  • You can: get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, Bengal tigers, polar bears, dolphins, sharks and whales.
  • You can: rub shoulders with celebrities like High 5 or the Wiggles.

Warner Brothers Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sea World and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary theme parks operate year round and make the Gold-Coast Australia’s undisputed theme park capital. You can: be very indulgent. Lie back, relax and remind yourself you deserve it. A little pampering never goes astray and there are plenty of places able to oblige, whether it’s with a luxurious massage beside a beach lagoon pool or a unique mango moment elsewhere. You can: be very entertained.

Turn a sun soaked day into a full night with cocktails, a nightclub or spectacular stage show. Perhaps the theatre followed by casino thrills, or maybe intergalactic adventures into hyperspace with Spacewalker or Infinity are more your speed. You can: be very natural mixing with the creatures of the night; glow-worms, nocturnal eco-tours and behind-the-scenes wildlife tours that get you up close and personal with the natives.

  • You can: create memories that can’t be erased:

Swimming with dolphins or sharks, being clothed in colourful lorikeets, flying to a deserted island for a picnic or seeing below the surface diving through wrecks at Cook Island or near the Spit. Expand your horizons by abseiling down a sheer rock wall or forge new heights hang-gliding. Learn new sports skills from world champions or update culinary skills with a cooking class.

  • You can: be Very exhilarated. You can: go motoring to suit your mood.

Self drive tours or luxury hire, fast performance driving experiences, go-karts and bicycles, two-wheel action with exhilarating motorbike tours on the back (or front ?) of a Harley Davidson. You can: be very cultural. Go to the movies at Surfers Paradise by sitting on the beach with your toes in sand. See the Metre Maid Museum, visit Gold Coast City Art Gallery or a museum tracing Australian icon Holden cars. And while you’re on the Gold-Coast you must visit Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. Surfers Paradise is vibrant and alive offering some of the world’s best accommodation complemented by stunning coastlines and a multitude of activities.

Energetic people walk the Oceanway, connecting the Gold-Coast’s 36 kilometres of bike and walking pathways. Families picnic at nearby McIntosh Island, taking advantage of calm water swimming while the lively peruse the restaurants, bars and nightclubs that fill the district with a 24 hour excitement that bursts into vivacious color and animation at nightfall. Events run all year round in this dynamic city center, with activities ranging from beachfront markets every Wednesday and Friday evenings, to beach cinema, art and musical events.

International sport takes center stage with the annual Lexmark Indy 300 in October and the International Cycling Grand Prix in December around the Surfers Paradise street circuit Broadbeach is at the forefront of Gold-Coast style, cuisine and entertainment. It is home to fabulous fashion boutiques and the world renowned Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. Year round the region radiates with music and food festivals, sunset markets and Christmas and New Year activities. International touring shows and events are showcased at the Gold-Coast Convention Centre, Exhibition Centre and Conrad Jupiters Casino.

Beyond Broadbeach lies a coastal gateway from Mermaid Waters to Kings cliff, brimming with surfing beaches and oceanfront accommodation. Use Mermaid as a base to explore neighbouring golf courses at Robina and Carrara, go shopping at Surfers Paradise or head to Burleigh. Burleigh barrels aren’t wine casks – they’re the fabulous south-easterly swell, which rolls around the headland claiming the beach’s position as the leading site for national surf events including the Quicksilver Pro.

Further south is Coolangatta, a great introduction to Queensland. North-facing beaches Greenmount and Rainbow Bay are popular swimming and surfing beaches. South of the border lies the beachside community of Kingscliff, with an abundance of cafes and local eateries. North of Surfers lies the smart and exclusive region of Sanctuary Cove to Main Beach, which boasts the finest holiday accommodation on the Gold Coast. The area is plump with restaurants, marine facilities, specialty shops, luxury resorts and some of the Gold-Coast’s premier golf courses.

Main Beach is famous for its one-off local boutiques, with nearby Marina Mirage featuring top Australian and international designer clothing. Tedder Avenue offers many of the Gold-Coast’s most luxurious apartments and hotels, located just a short stroll to the golden sands of Main Beach. Subtle elegance is the catchword in this region, where multi-million dollar vessels ply the Broadwater and the waterways take centre stage. As I said, on the Gold-Coast you really can be greedy and have it all……..enjoy. PS The Gold Coast is much more fun with two so if you don’t want to go alone call me, I’ll come with you….. Click here to return from Gold-Coast to our home page.