Pandemic Dating: How Do You Even Start Dating Right Now?

It is a nerve-racking experience to go on a first date. Especially at the time of the pandemic, it is becoming more difficult.

Apart from worrying about the usual things like if you like them or if they like you, there is something more to worry about on these pandemic days. Today for organizing dates, you need to deal with various challenges like whether to meet in person or virtually with theislandnow.

Make sure you feel like your best self

While going on a date, get ready in a way that provides you confidence or makes you mentally ready. 

Some people might mean buying new clothes or trying out, and you make up.

While for others, it might mean getting ready with self-care ritual, as they feel less nervous and more relaxed in it.

Decide your comfortable type of dating

Every person has a different behavior; some prefer to meet in person while others prefer a virtual date. So decide which type of dating you are comfortable with and make a decision. 

Cost-benefit analysis is also involved while making up the decision. Check whether the risk outweighed the benefits in a meeting during this pandemic? Consider these various factors and decide as you are the only one in charge of your safety.

Experts agree that it is best to initiate with a virtual date

With the virtual date using theislandnow, you can easily get to know about the person and their emotional level, says the expert. 

With the help of virtual date, you can also examine their health from a distance. Depending on this, you can decide whether it is safe to meet in person or not.

Whatever you do, set boundaries early on

While going for a date, it is recommended to set boundaries on whatever you do. 

If you are meeting them in person, try to make social distancing, avoid shaking hands, and wear a mask. 

While going for a date doesn’t forget the COVID guidelines as your safety comes first. 

Prepare your space for the virtual date

As we know, “the first impression is the last impression.” So try to leave your first impression worth remembering. 

You can leave a good impression on theislandnow by attractively preparing your space. For example, a tidy background can leave a bad impression on others. 

There are many preparations you need to do for a virtual date, like clearly a sink or making the bed that is in view.

Have a picnic

Bring your own blanket and other essential things while going for a date. Choose a public area that is not overcrowded with people. 

The blanket allows you to make a distance boundary and enjoy the food under one tree.


Dating during the pandemic might be risky, but it can be possible with some precautions.

Many people feel nervous about the fast nature of dating and feel pressurized by the process.

Now the pandemic has slowed down the process and allows you to know each other well with online dating using theislandnow.