Should You Conduct Criminal Background Checks On Your Employees

A criminal background check is one of the background checks typically conducted by recruiters and companies looking for new employees, alongside drug tests and employment checks. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons on why you should screen your potential new employees for their criminal record. Meanwhile, if you want to know a few ways to conduct criminal background checks for free, please refer to our other articles discussing the best free background check sites. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Improve the quality of your new hires

Obviously, conducting a criminal background check will allow you to check an applicant’s record with the police. This will allow you to filter out people who are arrested before, or have a bad record with law enforcement. Aside from that, you can also gleam inconsistencies in their resumes with the help of a criminal background check.

Discovering discrepancies on the resume provided by your applicants can go a long way in improving the qualities of your new hires. After all, once you weed out people with tendencies to lie or misinform in their resume, you will be left with people who are honest.

Aside from getting honest people, you can also verify their educational attainment, their diplomas, and licenses or certificates. Finding employees who are honest, and with a good track record on their education and work history will certainly improve the quality of your new employees, which will bring great value to your workplace.

  1. Prevents bad publicity for your company

Hiring someone who turns out to be a criminal, or has some sort of criminal record will result in negative publicity for your company. You will be known as the company that doesn’t screen its employees properly, which is a bad thing.  Negative publicity will surely have a harmful effect on your business. People with good credentials and experience might skip you when looking for a job. Many individuals will not sign up for an organization with bad publicity, and most likely only those who are desperately looking for a job or not paying attention to the news will send you resumes. 

Keeping a great reputation begins on hiring individuals that will become great assets to your company and will represent your brand name very well.


Making an applicant choice in line with the outcomes of a criminal background check will surely have substantial effects on your company. Criminal background checks is an essential portion of any kind of verification process, along with drug tests, IQ tests, and other steps you might require on your hiring process. Making educated hiring choices does not occur on a whim, or by chance. You need to have the proper information on the people who wants to join your company as employees and just the resume itself is not a very reliable way of getting proper information. A combination of criminal background checks, medical history, educational history, and the resume submitted by the applicant will allow you to make the best decision, as long as you use them well.