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The Devil Addiction And Obsession Tarot Of The Day

The Devil is a symbol of earthly desires symbolized by half man and half goat creature. There is a man and woman standing naked on each side of the podium chained to it. At first look it gives a dark and evil impression as if the people are tied by the devil. However, it is only after a close look that you’ll find both man and woman are loosely chained and are free to go if they wish. The downward fire torch held by the goat creature tells the person that it is possible to burn the undesirable obsession and materialism by the flame of wisdom. The inverted pentagram and horns on the goat’s head depict anger, ego and addiction. It is mostly self-destructive and can lead to depression.

There is a need to know how to unlock throat chakra for protection from the destruction of self-life. The elimination of the addiction and anger is also possible with the unlocking of the chakra. The gathering of information about them is essential for the people.

The Devil card depicts that there is a dark area in our subconscious where feelings of obsession and temptation reside and it nurture our inferior side to inflict power on someone that we can blame in our life for all our problems. Instead of dealing with our own issues, we look for a scapegoat. Though the devil is strong and gives us our animal instinct, it also lights the torch that enables us to walk away from it. The power of the devil is an illusion forcing us to feel entrapped but hiding the unlocked trap door.

The first step to resolve the conflict of devil is to realize that it is an inner conflict. Instead of searching for a person or event that triggered the devil on you, look within and enlighten your soul.

Effects of the Devil card on various aspects of your life:

Love Life: The devil card displays elements of very strong emotions. It is not necessarily negative, but it does show that your current relationship is based on physical attraction. You deserve true happiness in life and the card is telling you it is possible to get into a healthier relationship. You must take a deeper look into your love life and realize if it’s giving you happiness or instant gratification. The devil card is mostly associated with darkness and undesirable elements. Physical attraction and sex are the first grounds of any relationship but over indulgence of everything is bad. If your current affair is bounding you in an abusive or unsatisfying relationship, you must break free of your inner demons.

Health: Your health definitely needs a little more attention. Don’t over work or stress yourself. We all know that happy hormones are produced by exercising and indulging in a tub of ice-cream. There is no need to emphasis that exercising or going for a jog in fresh morning air has a lot more benefits than hiding behind food. If you are going through a chronic illness, don’t let it take over your mind or make you feel miserable. You are more than your symptoms.

Finance: The devil card in your finance section speaks of debts and unfruitful career. The card can have reverse meanings, like, either you are over spending and it has become an OCD. However, it can also mean that you work hard to earn your money but do not spend a single penny on yourself. In both scenarios, you are behaving out of inner bondage which is an unhealthy lifestyle. Focus on your actions and do the right thing. Save for the rainy days and give yourself little perks for all the effort. If you are completely broke, think calmly and ask for help. You’ll always find what you are looking for.

In the mid-1700s, the topic of the devil was forbidden for discussion and was considered dark magic or occult. The church connected the symbol of Baphomet with Satanism and burnt the people of an occult group, “Templars” at stake. History changed its course and The Devil was finally recognized as internal and not any external force. We all are bounded by our own demons and not by any supernatural phenomenon.

The reverse Devil is symbolized as a mountain goat which symbolizes a man or woman’s need for the top position. It is prominent in all areas of life from controlling and dominant positions in relationships to high position in career graph. The Devil card demands a person to have deeper spiritual connection to find the reason of his true happiness. Ruled by the Capricorn sign, the devil also stands for ambition, power and resourcefulness. It gives the courage to do whatever it takes to reach the desired goals.

Devil card is synonymous with addiction and there is no such indulgence that is good for your mental and physical health. When not connected to a person, it represents an event that has strongly affected your life and continues to rule your decisions.