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Understanding The Functioning Of The Water Softeners

Learning the technology

It is evident that a majority source of water on the earth is saline and cannot be consumed directly. In addition, the hard minerals also differ in constitution from one location to the other and thereby pose a major bottleneck to further supply of freshwater. But, necessity is the mother of invention, and this line of thought leads to the evolution of concepts like water filters and softeners. 

Particularly for the areas that face the problem of high magnesium and calcium ions, it is highly recommended for choosing water softeners. Read on to understand about best water softener 2021.

A minor briefing

A water softener is a kind of water filter specific in clearing out the hardness of the raw water. By the process of ion exchange, the calcium and magnesium ions are removed. This leads to solving numerous issues- scaling, clogging of water lines, decrease in the water pressure and lower shelf life of dependent devices on water supply. 

In addition to the drinking water supplies, hard water also causes issues in other fields- like extra detergent during washing, extra dishwasher while doing plates, sticky hair while washing, and many more. In short, these extra ions create a lot of nuisance and need to be removed for making the source pure and healthy. 

The running mechanism

The core process behind the running of a water softener is ion exchange. As per this, the raw and hard water enters a resin bed charged with the sodium ions. However, due to the opposite nature of charges (sodium being negative and the impurities being positive), they get stuck within the resin bed and eventually get out of water. Therefore, the water gets softened and becomes ready for long-term usage. 

With time, the technologies used in best water softener 2021 have evolved and they show higher numbers on overall efficiency compared to the cleansing process.

The major components

The following are major components found amongst all of the models of water softeners:

  • Mineral tank to feed the supply of sodium inside of the resin bed.
  • Control valve regulates the amount of raw water passing inside the bed and comes out as a purified source.
  • Brine tank for regeneration of the ions. 

Some additional attachments include a UV sterilizer, extra fitments as spare parts, additional valves. 

Knowing the best ones

Following are some of the important factors that need to be considered before finalizing your choice of the best water softener 2021: 

  • Brand value in the market to speak on the overall reliability.
  • The cost of the product falls within the specified limits.
  • The technology is used for cleansing the source of raw water. 
  • Supply chain to reduce the lead time. 
  • Certifications from the regulatory bodies.

Is it required?

Yes, a water softener is required in cases where you find a decrease in the pressure of the pipelines, scales on the internal fittings, the stickiness of the hair, and very high maintenance on the types of equipment using raw water. 

Go for all of the factors and make your selection wisely.