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What kind of Fonts Are Best for Your Website?

Choosing and using the correct, web-safe font can have a huge impact on the final look and feel of your web design. There are a million things to think about when creating the perfect web design: the graphics, the colors, the right images. One thing that is always underestimated is choosing a web-safe font. Don’t make the same mistake. Font seems like a small thing, but it has the potential to take your web design to the next level.

Easy is hard. That is my motto. And so it is with the use of typography in web design, of fonts on the website actually quite simple and yet quite complicated. That is why we would like to show you today which basic typography rules you should observe in order to display text on your website in the best possible way. Using the fancy text generator happens to be the most important part here.


  • It’s no secret that many people find it difficult to express themselves clearly and intelligibly.
  • Why should that be easier via media? To make this easier communication there is typography. On the one hand, it is the teaching of scripts and, on the other hand, it is a design element to present texts or content in a skilful way, in accordance with the goal or “aesthetically pleasing”.
  • The fact that a distinction is made between microtypography and macrotypography is irrelevant at this point.

What are web-safe fonts?

Using a web-safe font means your visitors don’t need to have a specific font installed on their computer in order to read your content. Back in the day, 10 or more years ago, there were around 13 font families and web designers had to be careful to use only those few fonts that could be viewed on most computers. Nowadays, Google Fonts is the gold standard, which is displayed flawlessly in every browser.

Be aware that many brands use custom fonts or fonts that are not web-based. In this case, developers can use software to convert the font to a “web-safe font”.

But that’s exactly what typography is all about: the legibility of the texts. Why else should one have texts on the website if they are not good and pleasant to read? Apparently, opinions differ on how legible texts should look in the end. We can’t understand it, because we have simple, proven and very sensible typographical rules in the graphics, so that we can use them to create legible texts with fancy text generator.

Align your existing branded fonts

Brand guidelines include fonts and families, font sizes, and the hierarchy of fonts used by your brand so that you can incorporate them into your web design right away. If your brand uses an unfamiliar font, tools can help you figure out the name of the font.


There is no question that fonts can enliven and visually enrich a website. Fonts, typefaces are an important part of any good design. On the Internet, i.e. in web design, the thing with typography is subject to special conditions, which we would like to illuminate here and which should help you to better understand the thing about fonts on websites.