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When Cardio Gets Out Of Hand – Know about them 

Some people just need to get honest about what they’ve been doing. Even though you know that your exercise plan is doing you absolutely no good at all. Why do you keep up your aerobic routine even though you know you won’t lose weight or fat? There is an evil feature of cardiovascular exercise that causes people to go over the deep end.

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I was thinking about these people while I finished my intervals and watching them going non-stop on the machines. One thing I discovered is that some cardio freaks have some bizarre habbits.

This was the basis for my list of indicators that you’re doing too much cardio.

1.You know you’re doing too much cardio if you need a five minute period before your workout to choose your reading material.

  1. You do do much cardio if the person on the machine next to yours is better acquainted with you than your family members are.
  2. You know you are doing way too much cardio when you’re aware of your calorie count by the minute for all the machines.
  3. Cardio has gotten out of hand in your life if it makes you miserable and you’re rather have a limb sawed of without anesthesia, but you do it anyway.
  4. You’re at the fitness center to lose, but rather than weight you’re only losing time and patience.
  5. When all your television shows are on when you are on the cardio machines, you know that you’ve overdone it.
  6. When you’ve got injured muscles from repeated use and you have to see specialists and perhaps even have surgery, you know that you’ve taken the cardio route a little bit too far.

OK, so I have been a little bit sarcastic, but do you get the point?

Cardio isn’t going to help you lose weight and it’s not going to help you be happy, and it’s not going to do anything but disappoint you in the end.