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Why Weight Training Is Essential To Weight Loss

Many people are not aware that strength training is vital for weight loss and for helping to keep it off. Now, we are not discussing weight-bearing exercises here. You don’t need to go through a massive hulk of a workout attempting to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his prime. What you want to focus on is the basics of strength training.

So, let us look at why weight training is essential to weight loss? The reason is too many people attempt to starve their bodies into losing weight. They are under the misconception that it is all about controlling ones calories. Many nutritionists and dieticians do not really have a grasp of strength training and they tout that weight loss is about calories, the ones you take in and the ones you expend. When you have a deficit in your calories, you will lose weight and if you consume too many calories, you will gain fat. Now even through that is true, it is only part of the truth. Yes, you need to have a deficit in calorie intake in order to lose weight, but you need to think about what your body is doing with the calories. The lean body mass, which is the muscle under your body fat, burns calories 24/7. This is what allows the body to eat more calories without gaining excess weight.

When you are obese, you will also have a high percentage of body fat. Under the body fat, you have strong muscles and a strong skeleton structure. To help you carry around all of that excess weight, the body has to build up those muscles. The very acts of standing, walking, ascending a flight of stairs, or just lifting your arms up require much more effort when you are obese. The heavier you are, the stronger your muscles have to be, just to allow your body to handle basic everyday movements. Missing out Carbofix dose is not a big deal but try not to miss it.

When you understand why weight training is essential to weight loss, you can actually figure out how this can work to your advantage. If you keep your bone density and muscle mass while your body is losing fat, you can keep a high metabolism that will be associative with the lean body mass, even when you are dropping the fat. When you starve yourself, you will lose the resources vital to your muscles strength capabilities. This is a common mistake made by many people. They attempt to lose fat by starving the body. When the fat begins to vanish from the body, the muscle mass will disappear with it. The body does not think it needs the muscle mass, so it rids itself of it.

The body learns to adapt because it’s system is adaptive. It is able to adapt to any kind of load you can put on it. If you are a person who is obese and you carry a lot of body fat, then your body will adapt and create stronger muscles to carry around the excess weight. It is similar to doing a leg press, every time you get up. Therefore, if you weigh 300 pounds, then you are doing a 300-pound leg press. Make sense? Hence, if you drop 150 pounds, your body will not need the same amounts of muscle to lift the body as it did before. The excess muscle would be eliminated through a process called catabolic action.


The word fitness is not just associated with just physical well being but is also includes mental wellness too. And when you body is at a better state then the inside function of the body parts will be good, then you have to only deal with the external ones which makes it easier.