What the Coalition Against Nukes Stands For

  1. We contend that the interrelated practices of nuclear power generation, nuclear weaponry and uranium mining form a single unit of concern, and as such, must be addressed in a unified manner.
  2. We assert that the highly radioactive lethal waste generated by the daily operation of nuclear power reactors contains the source material for nuclear weapons. Nuclear reactors are “bomb factories” built around the world under the auspices of “promoting peaceful nuclear energy” and now as “carbon-free.”
  3. We know there is nothing “peaceful” nor “carbon-free” about nuclear energy generation. Examined as a whole, the nuclear power fuel chain is a net producer of greenhouse gases that creates hundreds of thousands of tons of highly toxic nuclear waste increasing at a rate of 2,200 tons a year, which damages the health and survival of all life and future generations.
  4. We are committed to promoting an immediate conversion to a 100% renewable energy infrastructure. Water, wind, solar, and geothermal energy are safe, green, renewable and less costly solutions. Combined with well-known methods of conservation and efficiency, renewable energy is capable of meeting all our energy needs.


Coalition Against Nukes, or C.A.N., was created after the 3/11/11 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdowns in Japan causing huge amounts of radiation to contaminate Japan and continually spread radioactive plumes across the world.

Members of CAN held their first peaceful anti-nuke rallies on 10/1/11 and are in solidarity continually networking anti-nuke actions around the world. Global anti-nuke actions commemorating 3/11/12, the first anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, were extremely successful helping influence many people to understand that the global nuclear crisis isn’t just “made in Japan.”


“Hope for the earth lies not with leaders but in your own heart and soul. If you decide to save the earth, it will be saved. Each person can be as powerful as the most powerful person who ever lived- and that is you, if you love this planet.”
– Dr. Helen Caldicott