C.A.N. Facebook Group Policy

In addition to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Section 5, Protecting Other People’s Rights:

  1. Respectful debate and discussion are encouraged in our actions, words, intent and tone.
  2. We speak to the issues that support our mission. When posting on topics not obviously related to the mission we specifically state the connection, in an effort to avoid confusion.
  3. Personal attacks are not allowed. Any speech deemed to be violent, abusive or baiting toward any person or the group as a whole will not be tolerated. We will not respond in kind to such speech.
  4. Refrain from flaming, trolling, sock puppetry and using target words.

C.A.N. Facebook Group Policy Violation

Group Admins reserve the right to delete a post and to remove anyone who willfully violates our Facebook group policy. Group Admins also reserve the right to update and modify the policy as the needs of the group change and evolve, in order to ensure smooth dialogue/conversation.

Violations of the policy will be decided on a case by case basis, by no less than three admins. When a post is found to be in violation of the policy the member will be notified by private message. A request to the member to remove their post, or a warning, or removal from the group may result. Members will be notified of the Admins’ decision by private message. Requests to appeal the decision can be made via private message to any C.A.N. Facebook Admin, within seven days.