“The demonstrations against nuclear power that CAN organizes are powerful and imperative. I want every person – mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers and grandfathers – to make a major effort to attend any of these gatherings, as the time for the “peaceful” atom is over. We must end it now before it ends us.” Helen Mary Caldicott, MD


The Sierra Club Nuclear Free Campaign has a vision statement: “We envision an energy efficient world, powered by safe, renewable energy technologies, free from dirty, dangerous and costly nuclear power and its legacy of radioactive waste.” Nuclear power should not be part of our energy future, and should be phased out and shut down as soon as possible. We have already created a legacy of dangerous toxic nuclear waste that will burden and be a threat to generations long into the future. To continue down this path is unconscionable. Nuclear materials loose in the world are a major threat to our health and safety. We must move away from this dirty, dangerous,and expensive technology as quickly as possible, and ring in a new era of energy efficiency and clean energy sources that will not leave future generations toxic burdens they did not create or deserve. We stand is solidarity with CAN and its efforts to challenge the powers and agencies that promote and enable nuclear, and will work with this coalition to bring about our collective vision of a nuclear free world.


“Radioactive debris from Japan is now washing up on the Alaskan coast. Cesium-contaminated Tuna are being hauled in off the coast of southern California. The pools of radioactive waste at Fukushima continue to boil with lethal intent over a year after the meltdown.  The warning signs of global atomic peril are flashing ominously.  But our own government is not taking heed.  Instead, it is blindly pursuing a new generation of nuclear plants and appears to be on the cusp of extending the licenses of the existing network of decrepit reactors, many of which are older and more troubled than Fukushima.  In America, both parties are firmly buried in the pockets of the nuclear lobby.  Obama’s entire political career has been sponsored by the nuclear utility Exelon.  In other words, the government is not going to stop the nuclear madness.  It is up to us, as, naturally, it has always been.  Fortunately there is already a vibrant grassroots anti-nuke movement in the United States, stretching from Vermont to California, from Ohio to Florida. Join us and help pull the plug on the nuclear industry!” — Jeffrey St. Clair, coeditor of CounterPunch, author of Born Under a Bad Sky


“Everyone should make it a priority to participate in the three days of action being organized by the Coalition Against Nukes in Washington, DC this September. By joining with our brothers and sisters around the world to end nuclear energy and nuclear weapons forever the world can transition quickly to a carbon-free nuclear-free energy economy. This transformation to clean, sustainable energy can occur by 2030. This is imperative because the risks to the health of the planet and all living things are too tremendous if we don’t. We are already living with the catastrophic effects of climate change and nuclear reactor disasters. They affect all of us. And if enough of us make ending nuclear a priority, we will succeed.” — Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese, co-directors of ItsOurEconomy.us and initial organizers of the Occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC


“The need for international solidarity is perhaps felt most intensely in the anti-nuclear movement. Not only because the sharing of information is critical for us, but also because a nuclear-free world cannot be realized without overcoming the complex social, political, economic and cultural structures that are essentially global. A nuclear-free world just cannot be the same world without nuclear technology. It has to be a more human, more egalitarian, transparent, positively peaceful, and truly democratic world as a manifestation of which the humanity and our planet will get rid of the nuclear menace.

The yet unfolding nuclear disaster in Fukushima has united us all and alarmed us of the urgency of this task.

We in India have been fighting a prolonged and tough battle against all odds, facing brutal repression. In entirely non-violent ways, our people – fisherfolk, farmers, and women in large numbers – have been struggling to defend their lives and livelihoods, grassroots democracy, their form of sustainable lifestyle and in the process have questioned and redefined the mainstream ideas of progress.

We have been watching closely the struggles in other parts of the world and have got immense strength. Coalition Against Nukes (CAN) is a source of inspiration for us. We wish you strength and your great struggle every success !!” — Kumar Sundaram, Achin Vanaik and Sanghamitra Gadekar 


“Ever since “that day” in March 2011, many have been living such an intense period of agony; we have seen worsening exposure to radiation by all life forms, and that the ways and degrees in which people are affected by radiation are largely political and social – an extreme intensification of class divisions, discrimination, exploitation, violence and all other socio-political problems. However, we have also seen that it is the people who decompose such power that be – especially in the post-3.11 Japan, many have begun the work to create community-based movement to protect their lives and dignity, and ultimately achieving the life without nuclear energy. At this point today, it is imperative for us to drastically rethink the nature of the power that administrates and manages the society based upon nuclear energy – and what we call “the global nuclear regime.” Let us gather to begin the end of the nuclear regime” — Yuko Tonohira


Yuko is a Native of Hokkaido, Japan, She is an illustrator and organizer. She co-founded Todos Somos Japon, a group that communicates political dialogues among people in and outside of Japan through its bilingual Web site jfissures.org. Todos Somos Japon also organizes protests, educational events and movie screenings in order to widen a critical dialogue about capitalistic imperialism focusing on the global nuclear regime.


“Time to abolish nuclear weapons and their evil twins, nuclear power.   Every nuclear reactor is a bomb factory.   That’s why we have to support C.A.N. and make the end of nuclear power and nuclear bombs on our planet an idea whose time has come!   No more Fukushimas!  No more Hiroshimas!  No more Chernobyls!  Sun, wind, tides, geothermal can supply all the energy we need on and create peace on earth.   Save our Mother Earth!!” — Alice Slater Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, NY


“From the grassroots, change typically occurs. The Coalition Against Nukes is an extraordinary example of an active, vibrant grassroots organization. As the impacts of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster continue, while the nuclear industry and nuclear promoters in government seek to cover up these consequences and, despite Fukushima, push for the construction of more nuclear power plants, the Coalition Against Nukes is there — fighting this deadly, unnecessary energy technology. ”

— Karl Grossman


Karl Grossman: Author, Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power, Host TV programs “Chernobyl: A Million Casualties” and “The Push to Revive Nuclear Power”, Professor of Journalism, State University of New York/College at Old Westbury


“C.A.N. is at the heart of the global grassroots No Nukes movement aiming to save our species from radioactive extinction. We are at the tipping point of Solartopia, where an ever-more irresponsible and uncaring corporate elite brings us Fukushima while green technologies become cheaper, safer, cleaner, more reliable and faster to install. I’m proud to work with C.A.N. and so many great activists to help make it happen.” — Harvey Wasserman


Harvey Wasserman’s SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH is at www.solartopia.org along with THE LAST ENERGY WAR. He edits www.nukefree.org and hosts the Green Power & Wellness Show



I think the biggest problem is that of apathy of the people…now that so many know that their government has sold them out. In favor of bailing out Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO, owner of the Fukushima reactors) the Japanese government continues to sacrifice children living very near the no-go zone in dangerously high radiation contaminated hotspots inside and outside of Fukushima prefecture. In favor of paying off local municipalities to accept and burn radioactive debris from the earthquakes, tsunamis and continuing nuclear meltdowns of 3/11…albeit in incinerators unequipped to filter any radioactive isotopes from escaping into the air to be later rained down on the citizenry and their crops…the Japanese government favors a policy of spreading radioactive contamination all over Japan…this policy is favored over evacuating the citizens in danger and leaving the radioactive debris where it is.

After all, true shut down of the Fukushima reactors is not foreseen for at least 10 years, so how could anyone fathom moving home and living a healthful life? The biggest problem is the coverup of ALL of this and the relative silence of the people. In my case, I could no longer stomach a school system that would not address why in the world I would opt out of school lunches in front of the PTA for fear of panic. The very betrayal of the citizens and by extension, of their children, the students who have no choice but to go with the party line, accepted dogma that “It’s okay…the food is safe!”, is UNTHINKABLE.

If it’s safe, why did my friend’s children, residing in Wakayama Prefecture since 3/13, test positively for Cesium 134 in their urine analyses? The mother of these children trusted the school board when they told her that the milk and other ingredients in the school lunches was safe. The worst part? The sharing of these children’s urine analyses with the school board and with the student body and their parents was forbidden….for fear of panic. I shudder to imagine how many other children are unknowingly suffering from internal radiation contamination.

This is the insanity that ensues when the government cannot cover up their tracks of lies. This is what happens when supposed “safe, cheap and green” goes terribly, terribly wrong. (Don’t get me started on this one.) This is what happens when people acquiesce.

But NO LONGER! The people have had it. It is time for a paradigm shift and the Japanese are part and parcel of this shift. It is time to tip the scales of ‘harmony’ in favor of the screams of mothers pleading for their children; in favor of those that spend a good part of their day acquiring safe food for their families. Let us study this. Let us learn the lessons of Fukushima. Let us support Japan in their shift of consciousness to ACTION!” — Cathy Iwane


Cathy Iwane recently evacuated Japan with her daughters after living, working and raising a family in Wakayama for 25 years. The events caused by the 3/11/11 nuclear meltdowns along with the mishandling of the disaster by the Japanese government has propelled Cathy into activist mode, translating data, petitions, attending press conferences and public meetings on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Cathy’s interests lie in creating sustainable models of safety in agriculture. She maintains a healthy, vibrant lifestyle practicing and teaching yoga in California.



“The ongoing Fukushima disaster since 3/11 should be a wake up call to the world: nuclear power is not safe: it threatens all life on earth. Untold amounts of dangerous contamination have entered our environment throughout the world.  Today, our friends in Japan remind us that, “The Fukushima units 1,2,3,4 are all in extremely risky conditions, and if another earthquake hits, 85 times more cesium than that in Chernobyl will be released, which will make us all radiation refugees, making Japan inhabitable, contaminating the whole world.”

The crisis continues in Japan while the U.S. government does nothing to help.  It’s business as usual in the U.S. nuclear industry and the NRC as well. Loan guarantees are on the table for two new nuclear plants, and things are in order to relicense our old, leaking, dangerous 104 nuclear plants. Their lifespan is up, yet the nuclear industry and the NRC want to keep them open. Why? Profit. Profit, not safety, comes first for the nuclear industry.

We say no. We say our children come first. We say precaution and safety come first. The intelligent and safe response to the Fukushima disaster would be to phase out all of our own 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S., 23 of which are Fukushima style reactors-GE Mark I. Why are we playing with such fire?  It is time to phase out nuclear power in the U.S. and throughout the world. There is no time left to lose, or we risk losing everything.”

–Heidi Hutner, mother, cancer survivor, professor and writer


Nuclear power is expensive, unreliable, unnecessary and most important, unlike all other forms of electricity generation, prone to long-term, catastrophic accidents.  We are dicing daily with death every day that the nuclear plants are kept powered-up.

When those plants are operated by private corporations subject to the iron rule of capitalist profit-taking, then they become an accident waiting to happen as corporations cut corners on health and safety, warp the political process with their campaign contributions and economic leverage and seek to constantly increase profit at the expense of humans and the natural environment.

With no answer to the problem of nuclear waste, even without accidents, we are bequeathing a poisonous legacy to generations of future humans.  The longer we waste billions of dollars on nuclear power, the more money we pour down the drain rather than spending it on the development of clean alternatives and energy conservation.   The United States government, whether Democrat or Republican, is entirely in the pocket of the corporations and is keen to start building the next generation of nuclear power plants that help keep the war machine going and encourage an international nuclear arms race.

We must build our own independent movement for political change and to shut the plants down now so that no-one else has to live through another Fukushima.  We must take our inspiration from the immense anti-nuclear protests in Germany and Japan that are changing government policy away from nuclear power and toward clean alternatives such as wind and solar.  Only through the massive and sustained mobilization of the people of the world will change come about.

The national anti-nuke march and demonstrations in September in Washington DC, are an essential step along the road to rebuilding a fighting, independent, militant mass movement for positive environmental change and a sane national energy policy for the United States.  We stand in solidarity with the people of Japan and all those fighting to permanently close down the over 400 nuclear plants around the world.  Your fight is our fight.  Your victory is our victory.  We must fight together to bring change.  I urge everyone to attend and help organize the demonstrations in DC in September to build a nuclear-free world!” — Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a long-time environmental activist and author of Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis (Haymarket, 2010).  He is chair of the science dept at Packer Collegiate Institute and adjunct professor at Pace University in the Dept of Chemistry and Physical Science.  His writings have appeared in Z Magazine, Counterpunch, The Indypendent, Dissident Voice, International Socialist Review, Truth Out, Terraspheres.com, Socialist Worker, ZNet and Climate and Capitalism.  He reported from Fukushima, Japan in December and January
“Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE) wants it to be known that we completely support and endorse the Coalition Against Nukes DC Rally for a Nuclear Free Future, Sept. 20-22, 2012.  We will do everything in our power to make this a successful event and plan on bringing as many ROSE members as possible!”
~ Gene Stone, Residents Organized For a Safe Environment (ROSE)

“The earth and myself are of one mind.” ~Chief Seattle, Nez Perce
“It does not require many words to speak the truth.” Sitting Bull
“Radiation and Public Health Project professionals have published numerous scholarly articles and books on the health dangers posed by nuclear reactor emissions.  The true purpose of this research is that it be given strong consideration in the public discussion on the role of nuclear reactors in our society.  RPHP is delighted that groups like Coalition Against Nukes is knowledgeable about RPHP work, and is using it to educate officials and members of the public.  We believe that if groups like CAN are successful and releases of radioactivity are reduced, many fewer Americans will suffer from radiation-related disease in the future.”
— Joseph Mangano, Executive Director, Radiation and Public Health Project
“Someone once told me, the only way to shut down Indian Point is to shut down the entire nuclear power industry. They rigged it that way. So if that’s what it takes, that’s what we’ll do!”
Remy Chevalier, founder of Rock The Reactors, co-founder of Green Nuclear Butterfly and FUSEUSA, which researched, wrote and filed 158 formal intervention papers to block Indian Point’s license extension.
Green America extends our support for the work all of you do to create a nuclear-free future. We know that nuclear power is not a climate solution. It may produce lower-carbon energy, but it is not clean energy. Solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and aggressive energy efficiency are climate solutions that are safer, cheaper, faster, more secure, and less wasteful than nuclear power. We join you in demanding safe, clean energy that will meet our needs and those of future generations!