For the past few days there have been very disturbing reports from Japan about increased amount of groundwater contamination around damaged Fukushima nuclear plants. The radiation level is spiking up constantly. Right now they say, it’s about 90 times more than pre 7/1/13.

Every time I hear something bad from TEPCO or the Japanese government about the condition of the plants, I get concerned not because of what they disclose, but it probably means that they are finding something far worse… They have something they can not hide.

The collusion of the nuclear industry, media, elected officials in Japan looks a lot like what we see in the US with defense and security state matters. And they are connected with a nuclear treaty between Japan and the US, their geo-political alliance, multinational corporate interests and so on.

There is no accountabilities nor democratic process behind any of these. We are looking at the core of corporate domination: before which neither the American nor the Japanese people have had their voices through established channels.

Please do not be afraid to talk about Fukushima, NSA or numerous undeclared wars we engage in. We the people are the only hope in changing these critical matters.