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Confused about what the election means for the future of America’s energy systems? Maggie and Arnie Gundersen were recently featured on Project Censored Radio with Hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips to discuss exactly that. Listen as Maggie and Arnie examine the future of nuclear power reactors from a business perspective and show that new nukes just don’t make economic sense. Mickey queries Maggie and Arnie about their take on Donald Trump’s foreign policy stance regarding nuclear armament of Japan and other U.S. allies, the possibility of atomic warfare, and the spread of nuclear radiation around the globe. Radiation knows no borders.


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AG: Hi. I’m Arnie Gundersen for Fairewinds Energy Education. Thanks for listening. Maggie and I were interviewed recently for Project Censored. It’s a West Coast radio show. And they were interested in our opinion of what would be the impact on nuclear power with the recent changes coming up in Washington. But before we go there, it’s that time of year again when we ask for donations. We love what we do but that doesn’t mean that Fairewinds can move forward without contributions from listeners like you. Please head over to and make a donation. And now without further ado, here’s Project Censored.

M: We are joined by Arnie Gundersen and Maggie Gundersen of the Fairewinds Energy Education out of Burlington, Vermont. Arnie and Maggie Gundersen, what are some of the things you’re focusing on regarding Trump’s presidency, energy policy and nuclear power? And I know you’re working on something there on nuclear power and CO2 smoke screens, so you’re doing a lot of different things. Can you talk to our listeners a little bit?

MG: Yes, we’re happy to. Thank you so much for having us on. There are a number of things with Trump’s new energy plan that he is talking about. And he is saying that he doesn’t care about CO2 and that’s not an issue for him. But when we look at the other things he’s saying about finances, he says he’s a businessman and he wants to make America great again. Well, then, it’s renewables. It’s 100 percent renewables because the nukes are overpriced, we can prove that. Building new nukes costs more money; it’s financially not feasible. And adding to that, if he goes into the cost of drilling new shale and drilling new oil and mining coal, it’s prohibitive compared to creating jobs in the renewable sector.

AG: It used to be that back in the old days, before Tuesday, November 8th, the nuclear industry was pitching itself as the savior for climate change and the only way to prevent global meltdown was to build nukes and keep the existing ones running like Diablo Canyon has made the case that the world needs Diablo Canyon to keep running because of carbon dioxide. But now you’ve got the Trump administration that’s saying there is no such thing as global warming. That’s a real dilemma for …read more