“ATOMIC BALM PART 2: THE RUN FOR YOUR LIFE TOKYO OLYMPICS” by Fairewinds Energy Education. “Since the #Fukushima meltdowns, the government of #Japan changed the rules by increasing the allowable amount of #radiation civilians are subjected to at 20-times higher than was previously allowed … A significant portion of the Olympic games, including men’s baseball and women’s softball and the Olympic torch run, as well as the soccer training facility, will occur on land Japan has declared to be part of a “nuclear emergency”… athletes and civilians will legally be exposed to allowable radiation levels that are 20 times higher than levels that exist at other athletic facilities on any other continent … the athlete’s risk of radiation related maladies has also increased 20 times higher than if they stayed home.” Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Full article here: https://www.fairewinds.org/demystify/atomic-balm-part-2-the-run-for-your-life-tokyo-olympics

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