PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH • New York City • September 20-21, 2014

Coalition Against Nukes Climate Change Convergence NYC March/Rally Sept 20-21, 2014C.A.N. calls for all environmental, health & safety, labor & civil rights organizations to come clean! and recognize that nuclear power is an integral part of the global climate change crisis: the King C.O.N.G (Coal•Oil•Nuclear•Gas) of climate change disruptors throughout the world!

Today the Coalition Against Nukes joins the effort of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) who will over the next few weeks rally thousands of anti-nuclear activists from around the country to join the PEOPLE’S CLIMATE CHANGE RALLY, in New York City, September 20-21, 2014. The People’s Climate March, supported by, The Sierra Club and sponsored by a coalition of over 325 environmental, labor, and civil rights organizations, will take place in advance of the UN Climate Summit on September 23rd and will call for immediate action on climate, economic and health issues.

C.A.N.’s goal in joining the march is to permanently remove the myths that nuclear energy is in any way “clean, green or sustainable” and to insist that at least one anti-nuclear speaker be scheduled to address this and be included in all future climate change rallies. C.A.N. founder Priscilla Star said, “It is critically necessary for the climate movement to understand that nuclear energy production is neither clean nor green, so we must all be there to spread this awareness. We are supporting the NIRS initiative to network and coordinate a large, vocal anti-nuclear presence at the People’s Climate March in NYC, Sept 20-21, 2014. Please join us!”

According to NIRS President Michael Mariotte, “We have put out the call to all anti-nuclear groups to take part in this historic demonstration. We need to make it clear that nuclear power is not the solution to climate change, that in fact it’s counter-productive. Our future is nuclear-free and carbon-free, and the faster we get there the better for our planet. We want to have the largest, most visible ‘nukes can’t save the climate’ presence at this event possible to get this crucial point across.”

Among the unexamined issues regarding the enormous, hidden carbon footprint created by nuclear power:

• Creation of nuclear fuel requires that uranium be mined, milled, converted to yellowcake, enriched, formed into fuel pellets – all processes which require tremendous amounts of energy as well as carbon-intensive fossil fuels used to transport the radioactive material between facilities.

• Nuclear power plant construction takes years, using steel and concrete – both requiring carbon-intensive production — and fossil fuel-powered heavy construction equipment.

• Radioactive waste from used fuel rods and decommissioned reactors remains deadly for tens of thousands of years, requiring carbon-intensive cooling and safe storage as well as energy resources to monitor the waste virtually into eternity.

For more information download these fact sheets:
Nuclear power can’t stop climate change
Nuclear Power’s Carbon Footprint

Dr. Margaret Flowers, a pediatrician and Secretary of Health for the Green Shadow Cabinet said, “It is imperative for the health of our population and the planet that we move rapidly to a carbon-free nuclear-free energy economy. Nuclear power is far from being clean.”

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