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Creative Ways To Save Space In Your Small Kitchen

Most of the urban apartments and homes tend to be small and so are the kitchens in them. Fortunately, smaller space does not mean that you cannot create a beautiful and functional kitchen. Though small kitchens feature a confined work triangle, inadequate counter space, and little space for appliances, you can work wonders together with your kitchen by maximizing every inch of precious space.

Utilize the Walls

The walls are the potential space that you can use for space saving purposes. When the cabinets are filled, use the walls instead of your work area to store items. Use hooks and shelves on the walls to hang utensils. Knife blocks take too much space but a wall-mounted one saves space and keeps the tools within reach. Similarly, a hung pot rack will be a great solution for your cookware.

Opt for Kitchen Island

Skipping the island may seem to be a great option in case of small kitchens. However, you should go for it if there is enough room for it. Use it for different functions – as the workstation, storage space, and dining place. If the island has room underneath, use the space to stash stools or a pullout cabinet. A pullout cabinet can be used as a chopping block and storage. You can move it wherever you need and put away when not in use.

If the kitchen is too small to have an island, rethink the counter. Spruce it up to make it a functional workstation.

Use Smaller Appliances

Small kitchen design becomes easier when appliances are smaller and compact. A small stove or dishwasher is fine if you do not need to cook for a big family. Apart from reducing the size, the placement of the appliances should also be done tactfully. For example, you can save the counter space by hanging the microwave underneath cabinets.

Create the Illusion of Space

Some smart tricks can make your kitchen appear bigger even if it is not. Proper placement of enough lighting can make a place seem larger and visually pleasing. Apart from that, create the visual illusion with diagonal floor tiles, slim chairs, sleek stools, small islands, and narrow table. Avoid thick furniture legs because those eat up floor space and add visual bulk.

A small kitchen is a design challenge. But, it is possible to create a fabulous kitchen by applying a few strategic decorating tricks.

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