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Get Hard Barbell Kettlebell And Dumbbell Complexes

Those who work out for fitness and for strength know that the routine of performing “sets” of each exercise can really get boring. First you do one set of a certain number of repetitions, then you do another and another and another. Next exercise? You do the same thing. No wonder working out and being physically fit has such a difficult reputation!

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Those who are waning on traditional sets in the weight room can take heart in the news that a new concept called “complexes” is becoming popular. Rather than doing straight repetitions as you go through your daily routine of exercise sets, complexes integrate variety into your workout. As they say, “Variety is the spice of life!” Now you can build muscle while enjoying spice.

Benefits of Complexes

Complexes can offer you benefits that go way beyond dispersing the brutal monotony of weight training. Complexes have the potential to revolutionize your program because the variety actually enhances the conditioning effects of your exercises. A hearty workout will involve more than one muscle set and will leave you with cardio benefit as well as improved hormone levels. It’s amazing how the effects of a complex create synergy among every part of your normal routine!


If you are going after a hardened physique, you are going to need to incorporate several complexes into your routine, each one using a different device: the barbell, the kettlebell, and the dumbbell. Each complex should include around five separate exercises or steps in each repetition.


If you already use barbells in your workout, it’s going to be fairly easy to establish a “complex” routine. Just integrate each exercise as a step in one repetition rather than performing repetitions of each exercise one at a time. If you need help developing your complex, you can talk to the trainer at your fitness center or you can look online for hints. YouTube is a great resource for this because the video will actually show you what it looks like to perform each complex.


A kettlebell is essentially an iron ball with a handle to use to get a grip on it. Most people use exercises with the Kettlebell to enhance their balancing, but exercises with this device are also used for general strength training as well as for endurance and dexterity. As is the case with the barbells, by integrating your separate exercises into a complex, you experience synergy: you get more from the unified whole than you would get from separate repetitions.

Dumbbell complexes

Finally, you should integrate your dumbbell exercises into a complex. By researching online, by trial and error, and by consulting with trainers, you will be able to develop a superior complex that will finish out your routine perfectly. Don’t forget to lookup videos in YouTube if you have trouble understanding how to perform each exercise.

The barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbell complexes you develop will help you develop into the powerful, fit, muscle machine you’ve always intended to become – only better!