Getting Ex Back Five Acts Of Desperation For Women Only

Well, they’re pretty good if you do the right things shortly after the breakup. Getting ex back for women requires patience, control of your emotions, and a plan that works. A plan that works like a magic love recipe.

But, first I want to talk about what you shouldn’t do in days that follows the breakup. I call them the “Five Acts of Desperation.”

  1. Tell Him You Love Him

A Woman first reaction to a breakup is to tell her ex that she loves him, over and over again. You want him to know you love him, but that is a sign of weakness, a sign of being needy. A needy women is a turn-off for most men

  1. Apologize For Your Mistakes

Hey, you both probably made mistakes. If you are the one at fault for the breakup it ok to say you are sorry once, but don’t do it over and over.

  1. Swear That Things Will Change

Before things can change you have to determine what went wrong in the relationship. Maybe things need to change with your ex too. You need to work together to make things change, it doesn’t work if both of you are not working to improve the relationship.

  1. Forcing Him to Come Back

If you are trying to use manipulative ways to force him to come back, such as kids, money, or even trying to make him jealous, then you are going down the wrong road. That road does not lead to getting ex back. Forcing a man back into a relationship will push him farther away.

  1. Make Him Jealous

Making him jealous is a sure way of ending a relationship for good. Some women have gone as far as hiring someone to be their “date” just to make their ex jealous. Also, if you are trying to make him jealous he may think you have moved on and he will do the same.

The above five acts of desperation are only the things you shouldn’t do in getting ex back. You may have already made one or more of these acts of desperation, but everything is not lost. You can still get your ex back and be happy again. Your chances can be great for getting ex back! legit?

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