Shared by C.A.N. member Hiroyuki Hamada

I see people posting about Hiroshima and Nagasaki as we observe the anniversaries of the bombings. It is particularly painful because Japan is where I grew up… I’ve read many accounts of pure pain, sadness and hopelessness of the war. But it’s also unbearably disappointing to know that the current Japanese government is forcing the population to bear deadly radiation from Fukushima in order to preserve the system which serves the industry and perpetuates the predatory corporate schemes while pursuing the same neocolonial ambition under the US force. Simply put, the Japanese imperial force didn’t die with the bombs, it merely assimilated into the US imperial force. “Never again”, they say. How hollow and hypocritical is that? It’s obvious that the western pacific alliance has been pushing policies which guarantee a stage where the threat of violence is the norm. And Japan has quietly accumulated more than 1000 nuclear heads worth of plutonium through its “peaceful” nuclear program. And now it’s attempting to dump its constitution, which includes a beautifully put formal renouncement of wars, while attempting to enact the Secret Security Act which complements the ongoing quiet coup taking place in the US after 9/11. If we are to really speak for the people who suffered from the incomprehensible consequences of the nuclear bombs, we must face the same dark force which rules us today. Peace and love to us all.

原爆記念日という事でその関係のポストをよく見かけます。やはり日本で育ったのでとても痛々しく、今まで読んだ事や聞いた事がやりどころの無い悲しみ、痛みそして絶望とともにうかびます。 でも今堪え難く辛いのは今の日本の政府が企業優先のシステムそしてその弱肉強食の掟を守るため国民を福島からの死の灰にさらしているという事です。アメリカの傘下で新植民地主義をつらぬく代償というわけでしょうか。率直に言えば、大日本帝国は原爆で死んだのではなく、現アメリカ帝国に編入されたわけです。 「過ちは 繰返しませぬから」とはまさに空虚と偽善にみちた言葉ではないでしょうか。西側陣営の外交方針の基本は絶えず戦闘力の優劣を基準とするものでした。そんな中、日本の平和原発は戦略核兵器1000発分ものプルトニウムを作り出し、新政権は平和憲法の改正、秘密保全法制の制定をと唱え、9/11以降のアメリカにおける静かなるクーデターの追従に余念がありません。 真に原爆で命を落としそしてまた今だに苦しむ人々の事を重んじるならば、今の世にもはびこる邪悪な力に目を向ける必要があると思います。 平和と愛を我らに。