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How To Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds are not only valuable in our world but also in the world of Minecraft as well. Diamond can be a very useful resource when it comes to welding your own armour, weapons and various other tools. They are resilient, strong and robust in every sense which makes them so reliable in the long run. The use of diamond when making a weapon also helps you to deliver better damage rate. So, you have to find diamonds on the Minecraft map and today we are going to help you with that.

In this blog we will show you how you can mine diamonds & what to carry when mining.  Meanwhile, you can use mcalts and create your own free Minecraft account in a few seconds.

Where Can You Find Diamonds?

Every Minecraft map has been divided into different layers which can also be termed as the altitudes. Sea level is around layer 64 and you can find Diamonds in the mines that are situated at the level 12 – 14. Some of the best diamonds in the map can be found at the 15th layer. This is quite deep and goes directly to the bottom of the world. Diamonds here have a distinct blue color and you’ll have no problem in identifying the resource once you find it.

If you are not very sure which layer you are currently on while digging, the. You can open the debug menu and check the coordinates. You’ll be able to find out the exact level where you are currently standing. Keep an eye on it frequently to detect the diamond mines. It is essential that you light up the way as you go down to the mines. This will help you reach to the surface easily and get out of the mine.

What To Carry When Going For Mining?

Here are some tools and resources that you will need when you are going to mine diamonds –

  • The most important thing you will need to mine diamonds is an iron pickaxe. You cannot use stone or wood pickaxe because the moment you hit the mines with them they are going to break away. Pickaxe that are made of diamonds or gold are the strongest.

  • You will need to carry some food in order to keep hunger away. While you work on the mines for most of the day, you’ll need some meat or wheat to eat. It is always a good idea to carry steak or chicken when you hang out.
  • Don’t forget to carry at least one weapon along with yourself. This will help you to wave off a lot of the enemies that roam around the place. Especially at night, when you are going to go back home, you’ll need to fight the enemies every day here.

So, this is how you are going to find out diamonds in Minecraft. Make sure to follow our guidelines and you’ll be able to fill your inventory or storage room with a lot of diamonds. Use them properly and help yourself to become stronger over time.