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How To Lose Weight After Menopause

Aging is a process that no one can escape. Along with it are various body imperfections that humans face such as memory loss, wrinkled skin, malfunctioning organs, diseases, and weight issues. Once you hit middle age, you will start to experience these physical changes and their effects are highly inconvenient.

For women, the menopausal stage is the start of their life’s true journey. For Americans, this occurs at the age of 51 on average, while 46 in most Asians. Some symptoms are mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, pain during sexual intercourse, frequent urination, and anxiety. While these symptoms are normal, consulting your doctor isn’t a bad idea during this period.

But the other thing to worry about is the post-menopausal period, the time following menopause. While many symptoms gradually ease off at this stage, the effects of menopause may result in several risk factors such as decreased lower of estrogen, osteoporosis, heart disease, and of course, overweight tendencies.

Most women are struggling to lose weight after their menopausal period. Fortunately, you can reverse this effect by staying in a healthy and well-programmed weight loss regimen.

Causes of Weight Gain After Menopause

The hormonal changes caused by menopause are more likely the culprit of weight gain in women. Women are more likely to put the weight at the belly section, rather than in thighs and other body areas. Although changes in hormones do not necessarily result in additional weight, there are other factors that are needed to be put into consideration such as lifestyles and genetics.

Lifestyle factors are one of the fitness roadblocks why women gain weight in the post-menopausal period. Having a busy schedule, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet, more middle-aged women are getting fatter compared to their 30′s and 40′s. Improper lifestyle will slow down your metabolism, resulting in more fat, fewer calories burned, and less muscle mass.

Genetics is another inevitable factor that triggers weight gain. If you have any close relatives within your family that have big belly fat, then you can expect a similar physique once you hit middle age. Other causes include a sense of contentment, children leaving, divorce, the death of a spouse, and other unwanted events.

Key Solutions on Post-Menopause Weight Loss

Based on research by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the best way to lose weight for overweight post-menopausal women is thru a proper eating regimen. As I’ve said earlier, you can reverse the weight gain effects of menopause and have a fitter life. The only thing that matters is a discipline with regard to your diet and physical workouts.

If you are beginning to age, your desire to work out may fade as you perceive that exercise is too much for your body to bear. You need to find your comfort zone with regards to exercise, something that can motivate you to move around and sweat. It doesn’t have to be intense nor any kind of weight lifting are required just to stay fit, you only need to do what your body can achieve.

Middle age is not that old. You certainly can do much more with your body than just watching television on your couch all day. Besides, there are a lot of easy exercises which are suitable for aging women.

What about the diet? Your diet should consist mainly of fruits and vegetables but don’t completely avoid any other foods such as meats as you also need protein. Stay away from too many sugary foods as this can increase your calories and will definitely spike your blood sugar levels.

Avoiding commercial or fast foods can also help your weight loss goals. Eat more fish but make sure to avoid frying as this is also fattening and will also amount to your blood cholesterol levels. Applying portion control can also help keep your weight in check. Other tricks to control weight gain can be read in my previous post – 5 Ways to Trick your Brain into Eating Less.

If you think you can’t control your hunger, then you need an appetite suppressant. Phen375 is one of the best appetite suppressant pills on the market today. Not only that, but it can also boost your metabolism, helping your body to burn more fats, even if you are not doing any intense exercises. To learn more about Phen375 and how it can help you lose weight, read my diet pill review below.

Summary on Post-Menopausal Weight Loss

Read this PhenQ review which will describe to you why the post-menopausal stage is difficult to handle if you don’t know how to overcome its effects and what you can do to keep your weight in check. If you are overweight and you are in your 50′s, then you have to follow these guidelines in order to have a healthy life. Remember that middle age is critical if you want to prevent dozens of diseases in the future. Weight gain might be inevitable but you can effectively lose weight by consistent exercise and choosing the right and healthy diet.