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  • Stop the Cuomo Tax!

    Tell the Public Service Commission: No Nuclear Bailout

    Stop the Cuomo Tax!

    But Governor Cuomo’s outrageous tax on New Yorkers’ electric bills to bail out a multi-billion dollar Illinois corporation can be stopped if we can get the Department of Public Service to reject the proposed sale of the FitzPatrick nuclear plant to Exelon.

    We have an opportunity right now to put an end to the governor’s misguided plan by getting the Public Service Commission to reject Exelon’s purchase. Can you take just a few minutes to send a message to the Public Service Commission urging them to take a stand against this deal?


    Your comment will be part of the public record of opposition to this nuclear bailout scheme that threatens to cost hard working New Yorkers billions of dollars and delay our progress toward a truly green energy future. If enough New Yorkers speak out, we can win this fight.

    Thanks for all you do,

    Priscilla Star
    Coalition Against Nukes

  • Stop the Cuomo Tax!

    Stop the Cuomo Tax!

    New Yorkers know that Governor Cuomo’s plan to bail out old, unprofitable nuclear plants is a big mistake. If the governor gets his way, he’ll take $7.6 billion from hard working New Yorkers and hand it over to a highly profitable Chicago nuclear company. We should be investing in sustainable energy, not handing out giant subsidies for aging, unsafe nuclear plants.

    You can help change the governor’s mind with a quick 30-second phone call to let his office know where you stand. It’s simple. Just follow these instructions:

    1. Call 866-772-3843
    2. Tell Governor Cuomo’s office your name and where you live, then say:
      “As a constituent, I oppose the Cuomo tax on New Yorkers’ utility bills and urge Governor Cuomo to stop his proposed $7.6 billion bailout of unprofitable nuclear plants. His mistaken plan would take billions of dollars out of New Yorkers’ pockets to subsidize aging, unsafe, nuclear plants owned by a highly profitable Chicago-based company. Instead, Governor Cuomo should invest in energy efficiency and truly clean renewable alternatives like solar and wind while saving consumers money.”
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  • Stop the Cuomo Tax! No Nuclear Bailout!

    Stop the Cuomo Tax!

    #StoptheCuomoTax and join the fight to protect ratepayers and the future of renewables in New York State!

    Governor Cuomo wants to increase our electric bills to bail out old, unprofitable nuclear power plants. The tax will cost hard working New Yorkers nearly $8 billion dollars. Our money will go to plant owner Exelon, a Chicago-based Fortune 100 company with annual revenues over $34 billion.