Body Building Guide

Introduction To Supplements Supplement Basics

As we all know bodybuilding has a big focus on training, big compound lifts, and progressing in them each workout, but even doing this will get you nowhere if your nutrition is not optimal. Getting your diet written up and perfected is one thing, but following through with it, having enough time to prepare all your meals, being able to afford everything, having time during the day to consume another meal..etc is another thing. It can become extremely difficult to get all your dietary needs every day and that’s where supplements come in handy.

Supplements can be a great addition to your training and diet whatever your goal, however, you cannot solely rely on them. Before you start taking supplements you should know your daily needs already and get the majority of this from whole food sources, supplements should be used on top of this or can be handy for a meal replacement on the run, an example of this would be you get called into work last minute and do not have time to prepare a meal, you could grab a suitable supplement, stick it in your shaker and all you have to do is add water when its meal time and you don’t have to risk not meeting your daily calorie goal.

There are loads of supplement brands/companies out there promising the best ingredients, blends, taste, and results, like adding 10lb of muscle in a week, showing a before and after photo. Well, I have seen with my own eyes that sometimes these before and after shots are taken on the same day and 100% edited! Do not fall for crazy unbelievable marketing gimmicks, if they sound too good to be true, then chances are they are!

So what am I saying? What supplements don’t work? No of course supplements can be extremely helpful but you cannot expect a miracle from them, they are not magic! Personally, I believe supplements can give you a great boost in terms of reaching your goals whether it’s gaining muscle, losing fat, achieving a healthier lifestyle, or whatever else you hope to accomplish. However, I don’t recommend spending all your money on the most expensive supplement you can find. Creatine, for example, can be a great supplement for supporting muscle growth amongst other things, by simply adding 5g of creatine monohydrate to your post-workout shake is brilliant, but without naming any companies I have seen creatine supplements that have 100g servings that you take at least twice a day! For a creatine supplement that is ridiculous and is just full of sugar and other ‘fillers’ to pad out the supplement and make you think you’re getting more from your supplement, the truth is amongst all the rubbish in the 100g serving, there probably isn’t even 5g of creatine! And not only are you paying for these ingredients that are a waste of time, but you’re overpaying for them, this is why it is important to know what you’re dealing with beforehand.

What I’m saying is supplements can be great, but you need to make sure paying for what you actually wanted to buy, you can get a 500g tub of creatine monohydrate for as little as £10-15 supplying you with a hundred servings, that’s as little as 10-15p a serving. The 100g a serving brand I will not name comes in 2kg tubs costing around £35 having only 20 servings, of which two need to be taken daily leaving you with a 10 day supply, that’s not much more than a week for £35, this works out at £1.75 a serving or £3.50 a day. The conclusion is that buying the 500g tub of pure creatine monohydrate will not only work better but will cost as much as 17 X less than the over-hyped 2kg of minimal creatine and an overload of sugar and fillers. Hopefully, now you are beginning to realize why it is important to know what is the best hgh supplement australia, for you and your wallet!.

That’s where we can help, by giving you all the information you need on supplements, telling you what to look out for, and even finding the best products for you!

Keep checking back over the coming weeks for information on different types of supplements. Until then I have uploaded some links for you to purchase the highest quality supplements at the cheapest possible prices, just click the words to be linked in a new window. Clicking the links will also provide you with more information on each supplement.