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Marijuana And Pregnancy What Are The Marijuana Effects For Pregnancy

Marijuana and pregnancy can be a big problem if those are being put in a same case that is headed to the matter of human reproduction. Some researches of marijuana and pregnancy claim that chromosomal abnormalities within the blood cells are mostly come from marijuana. The researchers even predicted that young men and women who consume marijuana will likely produce deformed babies. Despite the fact that some studies of marijuana and pregnancy rebut it, some current drug educational materials still believe on the damage that come to the babies is caused by marijuana used. Besides, marijuana and pregnancy are linked to the decreased fertility in both men and women. For men, marijuana will let the sperm loses its quality, while for women it affect the menstrual cycle. Vividly, marijuana and pregnancy are embedded as a trouble that then affects the reproduction and pregnancy. Another effect is that THC as the active ingredient in marijuana will likely pass from the mother to the fetus through the placenta. It is precisely being an impact that results in the fetus passive inhalation of marijuana. Due to this, the matter between marijuana and pregnancy is really connected, and also it affects the baby birth with low weight, breathing trouble, and others. Even some studies proved that the six-month baby exposed to marijuana during the pregnancy will have bigger risk to get asthma, chest infections, and other breathing problems. Therefore, there is a vivid and unavoidable effect due to the matters between marijuana and pregnancy.

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Marijuana And Pregnancy – What Can You Do To Avoid Marijuana During Pregnancy?

Marijuana and pregnancy cannot be put together as marijuana itself is potentially damaging the pregnancy up to the baby born condition. To get a healthy pregnancy and have a great baby birth, you should notice and understand the points of between marijuana and pregnancy once you get planned to be pregnant. Since marijuana is harmful, then it had better to stop using it while you are with child, whether in pregnancy or breastfeeding. Talking to doctor can also be a good idea to avoid marijuana for some times. Within the medical knowledge, you will be provided some supports and solution regarding the problem of abruptly stopping marijuana. Thus, it is essential to give more concern on the matter of marijuana and pregnancy.