Help C.A.N. Coalition Against Nukes & NIRS Honor a Different Kind of Nuclear Legacy

MICHAEL MARIOTTEThe Legacy of Michael Mariotte.

For over 30 years, Michael Mariotte has helped build the movement to stop nuclear power, end the creation of radioactive waste, and hasten our sustainable energy future.

And it is not just us who feel this way. Over a dozen national organizations recently joined to present Michael with a Lifetime Achievement Award, with the highest praises for his work. Watch the video above to see some of his and NIRS’ accomplishments.

But now Michael needs our support. For two years, he has been fighting his way through an aggressive form of cancer. Despite his illness, it has actually helped keep him strong to continue working throughout. This cause is truly his passion and his life’s work. Just see our GreenWorld blog for his prolific activity and inimitable voice. In honor of his incredible dedication and service, NIRS is committed to providing Michael whatever support he needs, just as he has sustained the movement all these years.

To truly honor Michael’s work and commitment, NIRS has a dual responsibility: we must not only make sure we meet our obligation to him – we must also ensure our work does not miss a beat, and we are able keep the movement going strong.

Our Proposal: Michael’s Legacy Fund

Therefore, NIRS is raising funds to ensure Michael has the support he needs and that his work continues. We are calling it the Legacy Fund, and our goal is to raise at least $100,000. The funds raised will serve three purposes:

  • To ensure Michael receives his full salary and benefits, regardless of whether he is able to continue working.
  • To ensure NIRS has the capacity to advance the mission to which he has dedicated his career.
  • At Michael’s specific request, to ramp up NIRS’ work on nuclear power and climate (an issue he first began working on in 1988!) throughout this year, and at the year-end international climate conference in Paris.

Michael played a key role in keeping nuclear power out of international climate rules in The Hague in 2000 and intends for NIRS to do so again this year. Atomic reactors and the nuclear fuel chain are simply too expensive, too dangerous, too dirty, and too environmentally devastating to be considered a climate solution. Clean, safe and affordable renewable energy coupled with a 21st century smart grid, distributed generation and increasingly competitive electricity storage will power our future without carbon emissions, radioactive waste, and nuclear meltdown.

Michael’s leadership has led us through some of the movement’s darkest times, up to the next phase of our work, which represents nothing short of the fulfillment of our mission: the phase-out of nuclear power, and the transition to a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future. The challenges before us are significant, with a new coordinated campaign against renewable energy and climate policies by the nuclear industry. Due in no small part to Michael’s work, we have the opportunity to stop them, and develop a new generation of anti-nuclear activists. We must see it through.

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