Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment in the fight to get President Obama to reject Keystone XL.

Now that the State Department has released its [sham] final environmental analysis, the decision will soon be in the president’s hands.

We know that the pipeline fails the climate test he set. But whether or not he stands up to the oil industry and rejects it will depend on what we do in the next few months.

That’s why on MONDAY, Feb 3, we are joining with CREDO, the Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network and other groups to organize nationwide protest vigils to send a clear and urgent message: Keystone XL is a climate disaster, and President Obama must reject it.

Click here to RSVP for a vigil in your community (or host your own, if there isn’t already one near you.)

What: Tell President Obama to reject Keystone XL
Where: Your community

When: Monday, February 3, 6 pm.

In this moment, it’s especially important that we come out of the gate with a strong message to the president.

That’s why we need thousands of people, in hundred of communities around the country, to come together on DAY and show that we are prepared to hold the president to his commitment to take action on climate, and reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

RSVP now for a protest vigil in your community on DAY evening.

Thanks for speaking out in this important moment.

If there aren’t any vigils in your community, it’s easy to host one! We’ll invite others to your action, and make sure you have everything you need to make it a success. Even just a handful of people coming together will send a powerful message.

Find an action, or host one in your community.