Last night the Huffington Post released a draft version of the Trump administration’s Nuclear Posture Review, a deeply dangerous document that makes nuclear war more likely. UCS has a press statement on the draft, and below is a compilation of some additional quick thoughts on the draft, with more to com

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Kevin Kamps, Nuclear Waste Watchdog of Beyond Nuclear, talks with Margaret Harrington, Host of Nuclear Free Future, about the federal plan to transfer 40 years of Vermont Yankee nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Following the Trump Administration’s lead, Representative Peter Welch supports H.R. 3053, which would reauthorize Yucca Mountain and begin the process of making it operational. Kevin Kamps cites legal, scientific, and logistic reasons not to transfer Vermont nuclear waste to the Southwest.

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The letter arises from concerns raised by the Dutch city Bergen op Zoom, which is located less than 20 kilometres from the nuclear power plant Doel in Belgium, but has no legal rights regarding the life time extension of this nuclear plant. Many towns and cities around Europe are in the same position.

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