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Slate Card From Chase Credit Card – Know about the methods

Through a number of acquisitions, Chase has skyrocketed to a successful financial giant. First established in 1955, the Chase Manhattan Bank was the result of a merger between the Chase National Bank and the Bank of the Manhattan Company, a time when the Rockefeller had a stronghold on Chase National. Over the years, a number of additional mergers were completed with the last one being in 2004 when the now JPMorgan Chase bought out Bank One. In addition to a huge offering for checking, savings, investments, insurance, and more, Chase has always been proud to offer some of the most competitive credit cards on the market.

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This is apparent in the Slate from Chase credit card, which is available for application by visiting the Chase Bank. For the first 12 months, you would enjoy a 0% Annual Percentage Rate introductory period, making it the ideal opportunity to transfer balances from high interest rate credit cards to get out of debt. With the Slate with Blueprint SM, paying down balances has never been easier and faster. Of course, saving on interest is a huge benefit.

After the 12-month introductory period of paying 0% Annual Percentage Rate, the regular APR would change to variable rates of 11.24%, 17.24%, and 22.24%. Although to apply for the Slate by Chase credit card you would need excellent credit, the regular Annual Percentage Rate offered would depend on a number of factors, one being credit score. Obviously, the better the credit rating the lower the interest you would pay. Additionally, this credit card offers convenient balance transfer options a fee of 3% would be charged, which comes with a $5 minimum. Regardless, compared to other credit cards of this caliber, that fee is extremely low.

In addition to the great introductory period, the Slate from Chase credit card comes with the zero liability on all unauthorized purchases. For years, credit cardholders were liable up to $50 on unauthorized purchases but using a paper statement or the electronic statement provided by Chase’s online banking system, if you were to discover purchases on the credit card that you did not make or did not authorized, you would pay nothing.

The Slate by Chase credit card is also void of any annual fee. Other fees associated with this credit card include a late payment fee that ranges from $15 to $39 and a cash advance fee of 3%. For anyone with excellent credit who wants to carry a platinum credit card provided by one of the top banks in the world, the Slate by Chase is without doubt a top contender.