By toby aronson

The Fairewinds Crew created this special 2-minute animation to show you why building new nukes is a lost opportunity for humankind with precious time and money wasted on the wrong choice. At least $8.2 Trillion would be needed to build the 1,000 atomic reactors the nuclear industry wants – that’s 1 reactor every 12-days for 35-years. Watch the animation to see what it means and why!

If you want more information, we have issued a paper, and presented this topic at several major universities and forums , and wanted to make it more accessible to people throughout the world. Truthout published Arnie Gundersen’s summation of this project in a news analysis entitled: Nuclear Power Is Not “Green Energy”: It Is a Fount of Atomic Waste.

People often say: here’s what it boils down to, but at Fairewinds we have found that in the nuclear business, ‘boiling something down’ is not a good thing to do! Here in Vermont, where we make maple syrup from the sap of the maple tree, we say: ‘here’s how it sugars off’. Fairewinds has sugared off the data to give you this 2-minute CO2 Smokescreen Animation; we hope it clarifies a tough topic.



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In 2015, human activity released 35,810 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. In order to avoid catastrophic climate change, this number must quickly be reduced (to 22,000 million tons). Currently, our CO2 production grows by 2% every year (730 million tons) as people worldwide seek a more affluent lifestyle.

The World Nuclear Association (WNA) has a plan to solve this problem: building 1,000 new nuclear reactors before the year 2050.

That means we would need to build a nuclear power plant every 12 days for the next 33 years.

Our existing reactors (438) offset only 3 percent of global emissions ((1,183 million tons of CO2 or 3.3%)1.18Gt/35.81Gt). Every time a new reactor goes online, our carbon footprint goes down slightly, and only by 7/1,000 of 1%.

Along the way, outdated reactors must be decommissioned; the deadly waste must be tended in perpetuity; and each new reactor built will increase the probability of atomic disaster somewhere in the world. Constructing this infrastructure will cost $8.2 trillion ($8,200,000,000,000). Even after spending all this money and waiting all this time, by the year 2050, these new reactors will have offset only 3.9 GT of CO2, which is less than 10% of the reduction we will need. (9.3%)

The nuclear industry touts CO2 reduction to green-wash its agenda. For the nuclear industry $8.2T over 33 years is good business. For humanity, it is an opportunity cost—precious time and money wasted on the wrong thing. If we follow the WNA, another generation will pass and climate change will only get worse. We already have clean, cheap, …read more