STOP FALSE CLIMATE SOLUTIONS – DO NOT SUPPORT NUCLEAR POWER AT COP24. SIGN THE PETITION! The nuclear industry is aggressively lobbying global climate negotiators to promote nuclear power as a solution to the climate crisis. Pro-nuclear organizations are petitioning the United Nations COP24 Global Climate Summit in Katowice, #Poland, to write nuclear power into the rulebook to be used to implement #TheParisClimateChangeAgreement COP24. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Stop False Climate Solutions – SIGN PETITION calling on the global leaders to refuse support for #nuclear and commit to #NuclearFreeCarbonFree 100% #renewable energy solutions to climate change. via #NuclearInformationResourceServices (photo: Leona Morgan COP24 rightside)

Leona Morgan at COP24 (on the right) with other Anti-Nuclear supporters!