Stop Smoking, Start Vaping!

At the time I quit smoking (2009), I was buying a carton of cigarettes every 5 to 6 days because I was smoking about 2 packs per day. The cost was for each pack was around $40 making the total cost of smoking for me between $200 and $240 per month.

Since I started vaping I have been using approximately 2 cartons of 50ml shortfills nicotine cartridges each month. Each carton had 25 cartridges and cost $25 (the price and number of cartridges were updated in January 2011 and I’ll explain shortly).

At $50 per month for the nicotine cartridges, I have been saving between $150 and $190 of what I was spending for cigarettes – per month.

Everyone Has Their Own Slant On The e-Cigarette!

I would mention here that I have read a lot of reviews and comments in different places on the web, many of them pertaining to the brand of e-cigarette that I use – the blu electronic cigarette – and some of the statements I have found to not be true, not in my case anyway.

To begin with, in almost every case, including mine, where someone is writing about a product, they are doing so because they are affiliated with that company – we have a dog in the fight so to speak. So you have to try and discern who is giving an accurate, honest review, if possible.

If someone is spending more time bad-mouthing another product than they’re spending saying positive things about the product they are promoting, I would question how sincere their review is – and how good their product is for that matter.

For instance, I was just reading a post this week where the author was talking about how expensive blu cigarettes are. These are the e-cigarettes I have used from the very beginning (more than a year now), and though I can’t comment on how cheap or expensive other e-cigarettes are (because I don’t know, nor care) I have laid out in this section how much it is costing me to ‘vape’ blu cigarettes versus how much it costs me to smoke. Huge difference.

 The blu cigs starter kit, which includes one carton of flavored cartridges, costs about $70. Add to that an additional carton of cartridges at $25 (for a total of two cartons for the month) – and that comes to about $95 (shipping is free).

Blu’s charger pack comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and has a one-year warranty (mine has lasted longer than that) so what you’re left to buy is however many cartridges you smoke (in my case, 2 cartons a month). So, even if I had to purchase the entire starter kit every single month (which you certainly don’t) I’d still be paying $105 to $145 less than what I was paying for cigarettes. I’ll take it.

I briefly mentioned earlier that the cost of the flavored cartridges has changed as of last month, January 2011, and I haven’t been using the new ones long enough to know exactly what the cost for me is going to be now so I’ll have to update in a couple of months.

I can tell you, however, that blu has completely re-designed their already great electronic cigarette. The new blu e-cig is a 2-piece design consisting of the battery and now-combined atomizer and flavor cartridge.

The new cartridges cost $12.00 per 5-pack, which is the equivalent of about 5 packs of cigarettes, but if you buy 4 or more 5-packs, you can get them for $9.60 each.

On one other note, I have noticed much more vapor with every puff of the new flavored cartridges, and each one lasts longer than the previous ones, which I really like.

The only complaint I have with blu cigarettes is that they discontinued the vanilla flavored cartridges, which were my favorite. You can now choose from Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Java Jolt, and Magnificent Menthol.