Nuclear Power Is a Moral, Public Health and Public Safety Issue,
a Crime Against Humanity, All Living Creatures, and Our One and Only Home – Planet Earth
Submitted to the Dem Platform Committee, by Sheila Parks, Ed.D.

The purpose of this paper is to urge you to include a plank in the Democratic Party Platform to close all nuclear power plants now, not to build any new ones, not to allocate money in bills for research for new nuclear technology, new kinds of “safer” nuclear power plants and to once and for all acknowledge that nuclear power is not clean, green, renewable. To exclude such a plank puts the Democratic Party on the side of the nuclear industry and against We the People. We absolutely do not need nuclear power to save the climate, now or ever. Not the old nuclear power plants nor new technology nuclear power plants. It is an oxymoron to talk about how many renewables will be built while nuclear power plants are still up and running and adding more radioactive waste that will remain hazardous for hundreds of thousands, even millions of years. No nuclear power plants are ever safe. There is no way to prevent disasters from happening at any nuclear power plant. There is no way to fix these disasters once they do happen – think Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima. Another nuclear power catastrophe will surely happen. There is no way of knowing where or when. No one wants radioactive waste in their back or front yards. You must not, I know you do not want, to leave this legacy of leukemia and other cancers to our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their children, more than seven generations out and into eternity.

After providing expert research on the dangers of nuclear power plants, I give information on six nuclear power plants that are on the brink of disaster now.

The plank was submitted to the Dem Platform Committee, by Sheila Parks, Ed.D. Click here to read the full text on OEN.