OCTOBER ACTION: TELL CONGRESS TO “HOLD THE LYNE” This crucial piece of legislation Hold The LYNE Act if passed, would prohibit any funds from being used for the research, development, production or deployment of this new warhead. The Trump Administration is pushing ahead with the development of a new, dangerous and more usable #nuclear warhead. #TRUMP’s Nuclear Posture Review and fiscal 2019 budget is for a NEW NUKE that will be a submarine-launched “low yield” variant to sit atop Trident D-5 missiles … in actuality, it lowers the threshold for nuclear use and makes #NuclearWar more likely. Here are three ways you can help support this crucial legislation H.R. 6840, Hold the LYNE (Low Yield Nuclear Explosive) Act. and prevent nuclear war before it starts: http://www.trivalleycares.org/new/HoldtheLYNE.html